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1х Crackmeier - Crackmeier (LP, 2019) (hardcore punk from Germany. Bolzkow Records) 12$

1х Derelyction - Surrounded By Death (LP, 2016) (crust punk/metal punk from Germany. PoGohai Records, Violent Heartbeat, Dingleberry Records, Left Hand Path Records, Riot Records, Pandora Records) 10$

1х Ódio Social - Jovens Mortos... (LP, 2015) (Brazil hardcore/punk band from Sao Paulo. Abekeit Records, Break The Silence) 10.5$

1x Police Shit - Stützen Der Gesellschaft (LP, 2002) (German punk band from Halle/Saale. Saalepower Records) 12$

1x Subverse / Szrama - "Distort Berlin Vol. 2" (LP, 2019) (Subverse - Anarcho Punk band based in Berlin. Szrama - Hardcore Punk from Berlin, Germany. Rawmantic Disasters) 11$


5х V.A. – The Malaysian Campaign For Musical Destruction Continues (Death metal/crust punk/ grindcore/ hardcore comp. All bands from Malaysia.Infectious Maggots, Final Run, FUCKMEFUCKYOU, Appäratus, Sawtorture, Shitnoise Bastards, Influënzia. Bolzkow Records) 5$

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1x 4 Way Split - Harsh Supplement / Gello Nytlella / Dirty Harry / Radiacion Suicyda , cs (H.S. - Grindcore/noise band from Ottawa, Canada. G.N.- Noise/Grindcore from Kiev. D.H. - German raw anti-fascism free-jazz noisecore project since 2007. R.S. - Noisecore band from Corregidora, Mexico. Rotova Porojnina Records) 5$

1x Atrofia Cerebral / Noijzu – Split (A.C. -Noisecore band from Lima, Peru. N. - is an experimental noise duo with origins in Switzerland and Peru. Rotova Porojnina Records) 5$

1x Cacasonica / Maläd – Split (C. - noisecore/grind Ecuador. M. - Noisecore duo since 2010 from Kiev, Ukraine. Rotova Porojnina Records) 5$

1x Disintellectual – Death To Intellectual Noisecore Pt. IV (Russian noisecore band. Rotova Porojnina Records) 4$

1x Disintellectual / Lawnmower - split cs (noisecore/grindcore from Finland and Russia. Rotova Porojnina Records) 5$

2x Eddie X Murphy – Live On Stage Delirious ! (Harsh Noise / Noisecore from Italy. Rotova Porojnina Records) 4$

1х Gello Nytlella – Prisoner Reality (Noise/Grindcore from Kiev. Rotova Porojnina Records) 5$

1x Inopexia – Обычный день (Goregrind band from Moscow, Russia. Rotova Porojnina Records) 5$

1x Maläd – More Hate Ep (Noisecore duo since 2010 from Kiev, Ukraine. Rotova Porojnina Records) 4.5$

1x M.D.A. – En vivo 1993-2009 (Experimental Noisecore Band from Peru. Rotova Porojnina Records) 5$

1x Mierda Humana – Vacuo (noise core/grind from Lima/Peru. Rotova Porojnina Records) 5$

1x Sete Star Sept – Live In Kyiv 19​.​07​.​18 (Japanese noisegrind band from Tokyo. Rotova Porojnina Records) 5$

2x Sordecer / Syphilis Non Metal -split tape (S. - grindcore/noisecore. S.N.M. - grindcore/noisecore. Rotova Porojnina Records) 5$

2x Vomit Pint – Abortion Is A Service To Mankind (grindcore from Finland. Rotova Porojnina Records) 4$

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2х Antigen - Dust And Ashes (LP, 2020) (ANTIGEN is a crust punk band from Prague. Founded 2000 in Germany as a punk rock band. Phobia Records, Missing The Point, Maniac Attack Records, Angry Voice, Falkoping DIY, No Surrender Records, Stradoom) 12$

1х Constant State Of Terror - Speak Truth to Power (LP, 2020) (Fans of metal influenced crustcore, d-beat or hardcore punk who want to hear a band with something to say about the dark political times we are in will enjoy this brutal metal punk call to arms! Anomie Records, Phobia Records, MALOKA, Aktiver Ausstand In Plastik, Bisounours Prod, Deviance, Inflammable Material) 13$

1x Hellknife - Dusk Of Doom (LP, 2019) (Crust band from Mannheim, Germany. Phobia Records, WOOAAARGH, Ecocentric Records) 17$

1х Illvilja - Livet (LP, 2019) (Think Acursed, think Martyrdöd to some extent. This is the debut by this crustpunk band, deriving from Lidköping, Sweden. The band are currently being hyped as one of the more diverse band right now; as the music they do reflects, as the title suggests, Life. you have the straight on hardcore, crustcore wibes as will as moodier parts. Phobia Records, Halvfabrikat Records, Dark Elk Records) 14$

1x Osmantikos - Survival (LP, 2019) (Malaysia 3-Piece Turbo Rat Crustcore! Often describe as one of the best new-crust band from Malaysia. Phobia Records, Not Enough Records, N.I.C., SPHC, Too Circle Records, Bullwhip Records) 12$

2x Overcharge - Metal Punx (LP, 2020) (Italian D-beat'n'Roll / SpeedMetalPunk band from Varese. Phobia Records, Angry-Voice Records, N.I.C., Calimocho Autoproduzioni) 13$


2x Last Agony - s/t (7", 2020) (Canadian hardcore-punk/d-beat band from Toronto, Ontario. Phobia Records) 6$

3x Massgrav / Proteststorm - split 7" (2020) (M. - Fast paced rock n roll hardcore band from Stockholm, Sweden. P. - fast hardcore punk ffo Mob 47 from Sweden. Phobia Records, Insane Society Records) 6$

2х Svaveldioxid / Skeleton -split 7" (2020) (Svaveldioxid - Käng/hardcore punk from Stockholm, Sweden. Skeleton - Canadian crust band from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Phobia Records) 6$

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1х DEFORMATION QUADRIC / ANGER AT THE SOCIAL SYSTEM (CD) (raw d-beat punk from Japan. Red tambourine records) 10$

2х Gasmask Terrör – Complete Recordings 2004-2010 (French d-beat crust / hardcore punk band from Bordeaux, formed in late 2003. Their sound is similar to bands like Totalitär, Discharge, Anti-Cimex, Diskonto. Cactus Records, Sukma Records) 5.5$

1х LA CASA FANTOM «Selection By Elimination» (crust/dram'n'bass from Norway. Iskrem records) 5$

1х Louder Than Words - Unholy Punk-Rock (CD) (Politicized punk/hardcore from Tomsk, Russia. Poster A3 and a sticker with the blasphemous image.They Live! Records) 4,5$

1x Osmantikos / Distrust - Split (CD, EP) (O. - Malaysia 3-Piece Turbo Rat Crustcore! Often describe as one of the best new-crust band from Malaysia. D. - Punk / Hardcore band from Singapore. Epidemic Records) 6$

1x Power Is Poison - Apathetic Generation (CD, Comp) (DIY squatter anarcho punk band based in Holland, active in the European squat & festival circuit between 2002 till 2010. Pumpkin Records, Righteous Anger Records, Frantic Slaughter Records) 5,5$

1х Various - Underground Asia (CD, Comp) (Vivisick, SMZB,Low Fat, The Scuds, Mondo Gecko, Captain Bootbois, Sunken Eyes, B.B. Bomb, Overkill For Profit, Faking It, Bridged, Detox, Distress, Carburetor Dung, Sentenced To Burn, Tampon, Creative Waste, Public Refuse, Straight Answer, Rai Ko Ris, Istukas Over Disneyland. Delusion Of Terror Records, Love From Hate) 15$

1х Лобковый Ирокез - Зависть и Ненависть (Punk hardcore from Russia. Raw distro.) 5$


1х Effluxus - Life Destruktion (Raw hardcore punk from USA. Voice from inside) 5$

1х WxTxZx - Welcome To Zombieland (Trashcore from Russia. Resist records) 3$

1х CBiHCiTY "6+3" CD-R (old school hardcore from Misk/Belarus. They Live!) 4$


1х Darling Selskab CDr (fast melodic punk from Kopengagen/Germany. Home taping is PUNK records) 5$

1х Holocausto - La Caída de la Civilización (CDr) (Hardcore punk band from Los Ángeles, Chile. Mochila Records, Discultura, Buena Basura, Polvora Distro) 5$

1х Hotbild - I skuggan av livet CD-R (Anxietycrust. If you take the music from crustacts like Skitsystem and Aktiv Dödshjälp, put it in a blender and mix down the lyrics of Personkrets 3:1. Spice it up with early Bathory and Darkthrone, and you will be serving Hotbild. Initially released as a demo cd-r by Hotbild themselves, this edition do have a bonus track titled 'Tomhet' which makes the record yet more brutal than the previous release. Halvfabrikat Prod) 3$

1х La Casa Fantom - Feed My Silence (CDr, EP) (crust/dram'n'bass from Norway. Iskrem records) 5$

1х No Rest - Todos Os Disfarces-All The Disguises (CDr) (Hardcore/Punk band from Porto Alegre/RS, Brazil. Sad Eyes Distro) 3$

1х The FIGHT «stay punk», CDr (hardcore punk from Poland. Sad eyes distro) 3$

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