х Various – Chaos Punks Magazine Page-0 (video zine from Japan. Pogo 77 Records) 14$

х Chaos Punks Magazine Vol.2 DVD (Video zine with live show and Interview. POGO 77 RECORDS) 12$



1x Besthöven "european disaster tour 2011 " DVDr (with gallery... Gama city d-beat/crust one man band. Discordia records) 5$


5x NN012 Dan Stark/Epicrise/Skruta (* Dan Stark - trashcore/powerviolence Ukraine * Epicrise - grindcore Ukraine. * Skruta - grindcore Ukraine. Digipack) 5$

1x Dan Stark - s/t 2012 CD (thrashcore/hardcore punk from Ukraine. No name records) 8$

1x Discover – Stench Of Death (CD) (d-beat raw punk from Sweden. Black Konflik Records /Black Seeds Records) 6$

1х DISORDER vs STAGNATION / U.K vs JAPAN NOIZE CORE WARS II - 第二次日英雑音戦争 (CD) (D. - noise punk from UK. S. - noisecore/noise punk from Japan. Strong mind Japan) 8$

2x Effect – Effective Disaster (CD) (2005) (JAPAN HARD CORE CRUST PUNK. Paank Levyt) 6$

1х GENERAL ENEMY - Mass Destruction CD (Contains MINUS members. This time they playing D-beat hardcore with heavy distortion sounds. But not categories as noise bands. Band from Singapore. Azadchei records) 6$

1х Kawakami Nightmare/ Disgod- The lands fertilized with human compost (split) (Belarussian-Ukrainian/Indonesian d-beat/crashercrust holocaust. Total punk records) 10$

1х Laukaus – Laukaus CD mini (2005) (Hardcore punk from Japan. Pogo 77 records) 5$

1x MIKE PAGE - Mike Page CD (walls of noise from NYC/USA. At War With False Noise) 6$

2x Nödslakt – Ingen Sa Du Är Bra (CD EP, 2009) (Crust punk from Sweden. Reset Not Equal Zero Records) 5$

1х Pistöns / Besthöven - split CD (2010) (P. - Italian heavy/speed metal band. B. - d-beat master from Brazil. Suffering Jesus Productions) 5$

1х POGO MACHINE - PUNK REVELATION CD (old pogo punk from Japan. Pogo 77 records) 12$

1x See You In Hell – Útok! (CD, digipack) (raw hardcore punk from Czech Republic. Phobia records/Insane Society Records) 10$

1x See You In Hell / Crow - split EP (CD) (SYIH - raw hardcore punk from Czech Republic / C - burning spirit from Japan. Phobia records/Insane Society Records) 5$

2х SHIT-FACED - GREATS SHITS! CD (pogo punk from Japan. Pogo 77 records) 12$

2х Tom & Boot Boys / Mad Pigs – Kick Ass From East Side CD (2004) (Pogo punk/street punk from Japan/Czech Republic. Pogo 77 records) 14$

х TOM AND BOOT BOYS / LATEST FUCKIN'COLLECTION VOL.2015 (POGO77) CD (This is 77th item from POGO77RECORDS. CD includes 20songs that have recorded in late 10 years. plus new recorded song "TOO DRUNK TO PLAY" in 2015. with 12pages booklet. pogo punk from Japan) 12$

1x THE CLEANERS / WE ARE THE CLEANERS (CD) (punk from Japan. F.I.N. records) 6$

2х THE DISCOCKS - DON'T BE FOOLED. DON'T BE SATISFIED. DON'T BE RULED. DON'T BE DENIED CD (street punk/pogo punk from Japan. Pogo 77 records) 12$

х THE ERECTiONS. / COMPLETE 2003-2014 CD (pogo punk/street punk from Japan. Pogo 77) 12$

1x THE KRAYS – A Time For Action CD (Street Punk band from New York, USA. TKO records) 8$

1x V.A. - Oi! It's Yours
Faith (CD, 2004) (oi! punk from Japan. Radio Underground) 8$

1x VASTUSTA- DEMOS 2014 - 2015 (CD) (hardcore punk from Finland. Vox Populi records) 12$

1x Xero Fiction – The Very Best Of Xero Fiction (CD) (new wave from Japan. Xero Xero Records) 16$

1x ПАРТиЯ\Egoism\Zhulong 3-way splt (crust punk from Belarus/Russia. No name records) 5$

Pro CD-r:

3x Anemia Of System – Epilogos... (pro-CDr) (Crust punk from Russia. self released) 2$

1х Аnneliese Мichel - Утро нового дня pro-CD-r (neocrust from Russia. No name records) 2$

26x NN 039 Ognemöt - Salvation is Ognemöt, (pro-CD-r) (crust punk Estonia) 3$

1х One Big Pack - Наше поколение (pro CDr) (punk rock from Russia. TT 29 distro) 2$

2х THE DEFECTIVES & BEER BELLY SPLIT CD-R (Pogo punk from Italy/Japan. self released) 5$

1x V.A. - Vsem Pizdets vol. 2 (pro CDr) (crust/hardcore/metal/punk compilation. Evil punk records) 2$

38x NN 032 СойаІІ pro-CD-r (powerviolence/fastcore/grindcore from Ukraine) 2$

1х Обрій - Олтар утопії pro-cdr digipak (groove-metal/death-metal from Ukraine. Trismus records) 6$


3x BAKOUNINE - Midas (CDr) (d-beat punk from France. Lobster rec.) 2$

2x Besthöven "ready to die again" CDr (12 trax from 2012 2014 ; advance and upcoming....comp trax. d-beat crust, one man band from Gama city/Brazil. Discordia records) 4$

3x Besthöven – Live in Rostock CDr (raw b-beat attack from Gama city/Brazil. Discordia records) 4$

3x Besthöven / Displease split CDr (d-beat punk from Brazil/Ukraine. Discordia records) 4$

2х Bomb hoarder - 2013-2015 mini discography (CDr) (D-beat punk from Texas/USA. self released) 2$

3x Massacre Divine "8 trax inferno" CDr (cd with 2 eps of this project with Fofão from brazil and guys from canada from bands like Germ Attak and Zex ! UK82 punk! Discordia records) 4$

1x Never Again, Never Like Them - Banzai Thrashcore (CDr) (oldschool hardcore/ thrashcore from Kiev/Ukraine. No name records) 2$

2x SVARTFAGLARS BEGRAVNING - THE DARKEST NIGHT+ single, CDr (Fofäo Discrust new one man projekt... brazilian gothix metal punx !! Discordia records) 4$

2x Svartfåglars Begravning - "Darker Than Before" CDr (Fofäo gothic metal punk project. New cd ! 8 trax plus deluxe sticker! Discordia records) 4$

3x Total Silence - Noise Punk Bombardment (CDr) (Total Silence is a D-BEAT/RAW PUNK one man band, formed in Duque de Caxias/RJ in 2012. Discordia records) 4$

1x V.A. Collection Of Japanese Pogo Punk (CD-r, bootleg) (pogo punk from Japan) 2$

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