1x Besthöven "european disaster tour 2011 " DVDr (with gallery... Gama city d-beat/crust one man band. Discordia records) 5$


5x NN012 Dan Stark/Epicrise/Skruta (* Dan Stark - trashcore/powerviolence Ukraine * Epicrise - grindcore Ukraine. * Skruta - grindcore Ukraine. Digipack) 5$

1x Dan Stark - s/t 2012 CD (thrashcore/hardcore punk from Ukraine. No name records) 8$

1x Discover – Stench Of Death (CD) (d-beat raw punk from Sweden. Black Konflik Records /Black Seeds Records) 6$

1х DISORDER vs STAGNATION / U.K vs JAPAN NOIZE CORE WARS II - 第二次日英雑音戦争 (CD) (D. - noise punk from UK. S. - noisecore/noise punk from Japan. Strong mind Japan) 8$

2x Effect – Effective Disaster (CD) (2005) (JAPAN HARD CORE CRUST PUNK. Paank Levyt) 6$

1х GENERAL ENEMY - Mass Destruction CD (Contains MINUS members. This time they playing D-beat hardcore with heavy distortion sounds. But not categories as noise bands. Band from Singapore. Azadchei records) 6$

1х Kawakami Nightmare/ Disgod- The lands fertilized with human compost (split) (Belarussian-Ukrainian/Indonesian d-beat/crashercrust holocaust. Total punk records) 10$

1х Laukaus – Laukaus CD mini (2005) (Hardcore punk from Japan. Pogo 77 records) 5$

1x MIKE PAGE - Mike Page CD (walls of noise from NYC/USA. At War With False Noise) 6$

2x Nödslakt – Ingen Sa Du Är Bra (CD EP, 2009) (Crust punk from Sweden. Reset Not Equal Zero Records) 5$

1х POGO MACHINE - PUNK REVELATION CD (old pogo punk from Japan. Pogo 77 records) 12$

1x THE CLEANERS / WE ARE THE CLEANERS (CD) (punk from Japan. F.I.N. records) 6$

1x THE KRAYS – A Time For Action CD (Street Punk band from New York, USA. TKO records) 8$

1x THE UNSEEN / SO THIS IS FREEDOM ALBUM (CD) (street punk from USA. A-F records) 10$

1x V.A. - Oi! It's Yours
Faith (CD, 2004) (oi! punk from Japan. Radio Underground) 8$

1х VA - PUNKS AND SKINS ARE FUCKIN' WALKING DOWN THE STREET (20 band and 20 songs from japan. punk rock/oi!/street punk/pogo punk. Pogo 77) 6$

1x ПАРТиЯ\Egoism\Zhulong 3-way splt (crust punk from Belarus/Russia. No name records) 5$

Pro CD-r:

3x Anemia Of System – Epilogos... (pro-CDr) (Crust punk from Russia. self released) 2$

1х Аnneliese Мichel - Утро нового дня pro-CD-r (neocrust from Russia. No name records) 2$

26x NN 039 Ognemöt - Salvation is Ognemöt, (pro-CD-r) (crust punk Estonia) 3$

1х One Big Pack - Наше поколение (pro CDr) (punk rock from Russia. TT 29 distro) 2$

1x V.A. - Vsem Pizdets vol. 2 (pro CDr) (crust/hardcore/metal/punk compilation. Evil punk records) 2$

40x NN 032 СойаІІ pro-CD-r (powerviolence/fastcore/grindcore from Ukraine) 2$

1х Обрій - Олтар утопії pro-cdr digipak (groove-metal/death-metal from Ukraine. Trismus records) 6$


3x BAKOUNINE - Midas (CDr) (d-beat punk from France. Lobster rec.) 2$

2x Besthöven "ready to die again" CDr (12 trax from 2012 2014 ; advance and upcoming....comp trax. d-beat crust, one man band from Gama city/Brazil. Discordia records) 4$

3x Besthöven – Live in Rostock CDr (raw b-beat attack from Gama city/Brazil. Discordia records) 4$

3x Besthöven / Displease split CDr (d-beat punk from Brazil/Ukraine. Discordia records) 4$

2х Bomb hoarder - 2013-2015 mini discography (CDr) (D-beat punk from Texas/USA. self released) 2$

3x Massacre Divine "8 trax inferno" CDr (cd with 2 eps of this project with Fofão from brazil and guys from canada from bands like Germ Attak and Zex ! UK82 punk! Discordia records) 4$

1x Never Again, Never Like Them - Banzai Thrashcore (CDr) (oldschool hardcore/ thrashcore from Kiev/Ukraine. No name records) 2$

2x SVARTFAGLARS BEGRAVNING - THE DARKEST NIGHT+ single, CDr (Fofäo Discrust new one man projekt... brazilian gothix metal punx !! Discordia records) 4$

2x Svartfåglars Begravning - "Darker Than Before" CDr (Fofäo gothic metal punk project. New cd ! 8 trax plus deluxe sticker! Discordia records) 4$

3x Total Silence - Noise Punk Bombardment (CDr) (Total Silence is a D-BEAT/RAW PUNK one man band, formed in Duque de Caxias/RJ in 2012. Discordia records) 4$

1x V.A. Collection Of Japanese Pogo Punk (CD-r, bootleg) (pogo punk from Japan) 2$

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