LP, 12”:

1x III GUERRA 12″ (Debut 12 "of the band III GUERRA from Mallorca. 8 bombs of distortion, despair and noisepunk sound. Themes composed in a fairly intense and direct part-time. Ultra-distorted guitars, delay-heavy vocals, grinding bass, thumping 1-2 beats and a sound totally of its own . These gentlemen know what they do and where they come from (Orden Mundial, Trau, Usura,..) in what starts to be the house brand of the authentic PUNK BALEAR sound. Full color folder with letters printed on the back cover. An authentic call to chaos and the end of the world in punk form. Discos enfermors records and other) 12$

[NEW] 2x Active Minds - The Age of Mass Distraction LP (Active Minds is one of "the best ever", for me. They have a ton of hits over a sizable discography, and this 6th LP is no different. Tracks like "Complete and Utter Indifference", "Wouldn't It Be Better to Just Ignore These Fools?", and "How Much Did Your Face Cost?" rank as some of the best in their deep catalog. They are, like their above peers, a band with awe-inspiring consistency.In 6 LPs over 30 years, Active Minds has refined their style to a fine-tuned, tightly-balanced mixture of many of the things we love about punk here at SPHC. Two guys with an intensely deep knowledge of punk music (can't have record collections that large without picking up a thing or two) that bring melody and catchy under the same umbrella as thrash and speed, knowing when to write memorable sing-a-longs and when to write short/fast/loud ragers, strip it all down to the bare sonic minimums, and use it to channel some of the most thoughtful and blunt political lyrics this side of Crass. Perfect. SPHC records) 10$

1х ANNEX - DESPUES DE VI LP (Debut LP from Anarcho / Post Punks ANNEX. 11 brilliantly crafted songs blending intricate hooks, rolling pinpoint drumming and resonating guitar tones with passionate and committed vocals. Powerful, addictive and emotional, these songs will hit you hard in body and mind. Extensive gigs in the USA have helped to hone their intense and ethereal sound and after a demo tape that sold out in a heartbeat, they've laid down a faultless LP for their vinyl debut. Imminent Destruction records) 12$

1х BAKOUNINE / DISKOBRA split LP (D-beat punk from France/Hungary. Rawmantic Disasters/Aback Distribution and other) 12$

1x Blood Robots s​/​t LP (Members of that band seem to have been in pretty much every Punk or hardcore band from the U.K. in the last 25 years or so: Health Hazard, Ebola, One By One, Boxed name them. Blood Robots started in 1982 and recorded 2 demos, a split flexi 7“ with Reality Control and a few compilation tracks. Here´s most of their recorded work combined on a record that has more than 40 minutes of superb and pretty unique Punk, that has been influenced by Swell Maps, The Fall and of course Crass. Thought Crime Records) 12$

1х BRING THE DRONES - Ignorance Paradise LP (After debut LP and full EP on Phobia Records here they go with newest recordings. This is international all-star d-beat / crust line-up with current or past members from bands like Doom, Anti Cimex, The Domestics, Wolfhour, Death Dealers or Blood Sucking Freaks. They know their job, trust me! This album will smash your faces! Phobia records) 12$

1x Brother Inferior – Anthems For Greater Salvation, LP (1997) (Brother Inferior kicks ass they play really good anarcho stile punk mixed with an old school hardcore thrash type sound and they have really good meaningful lyrics, if your in to bands like aus rotten, resist and exsist, and a//political then you definitely have to check these guys out. And they do a bad ass cover of twisted sisters song, "whe're not going to take it." Sensual Underground Ministries) 10$

1x Catholic Spit – A Pact With The Devil, 12" (Death punk from Ventura, California. Crapoulet records/Symphony Of Destruction) 12$

1x DEATH BURING "Before the nightmare" Lp (French crust-metal/motorcharge punk. Svoboda records) 10$

1x DIS-K47 – Hysterie Kolem Nás…, LP (Punk / d-beat from Znojmo, Czech Republic. G.R.F.Records & Distribution and other) 12$

2x Disorder/Vivere Merda – Dawn Of The Miserable, LP (D. - legendary UK boozers. V.M.- hardcore punk from Italy. CALIMOCHO DIY and other) 8$

1x EXTERNAL MENACE - The Process Of Elimination LP (UK 82 punk from Scotland. Loud Punk Records) 15$

1х GINNUNGAGAP - Nejsi vítěz LP (After many many years of existence here we have first album from Prague´s crust / punk devils !!!! Phobia records) 11$

1х GOMORA - Popel a Prach, LP (New album from Prague´s d-beat / crust band! Out in May 2016! Aback distro records) 12$

1х KARPATOS "Dead Punk Niebla Densa" 12" (post punk from Barcelona/Spain. Discos Enfermos records) 11$

2х Kronofogden - Arbete och​/​eller Fritid LP (Old school hardcore punk from Sweden. Blindead Production) 10$

1х Kürøishi - Poverty. Ignorance. Greed. Slavery. LP (It is my personal opinion that Kürøishi has managed to make the first GREAT record in this style since Pazahora made their last album 5 years ago. Veteran dudes from bands like Terveet Kadet and Deathchain playing melodic/epic metal-tinged crusty hardcore, with dynamic, memorable songs and bleak, dark riffs. The obvious comparison is Tragedy, but this is more Scandinavian and less Japanese hardcore, more depressing and more ruckus. hardcore punk/d-beat from Finland. SPHC records) 14$

1x Lower Class Brats – Primary Reinforcement Plus? LP (street punk from USA. Loud Punk Records) 14$

2х Malokio - Senza Scampo LP (Straight-forward melodic punk sound, mid-tempo riff-heavy songs with adept and hook-y singing. Exactly the kind of punk music from Canada. SPHC records) 12$

1x Mauser – Isolation EP, 12" (2012) (raw punk/ hardcore punk from USA. Vinyl Rites) 9,5$

1х Nuklear Blast Suntan - Prophetic Visions LP (SPHC stalwarts Nuklear Blast Suntan return from a state of dormancy with a new location (Portland OR), a new line-up, and a new LP. Prophetic Visions LP is their most accomplished and refined work yet, merging the super stylized, psychedelic, heavily effected 'space crustcore' style of the first LP with the riff-crafting and songwriting skills of the more stylistically straight-forward EPs. The result is a record that is dynamic, engaging, and unique, a seamlessly flowing mixture of short/fast/loud chaotic noise bombs and mid-tempo, solo-laden hardcore stompers. "like Disrupt meets Hawkwind, a trippier Antischism", these descriptions are no longer totally applicable because I think NBS has reached a point where they have a sound and style that's all their own. Sometimes a little break is all you need to attain the insights you need to reach the next level. SPHC records) 10$

2х OSTAVKA - s/t LP (cold wave punk/postpunk from France. DESTRUCTURE RECORDS / SUBVERSIVE WAYS / SYMPHONY OF DESTRUCTION) 12$

1x Police Bastard / War//Plague – Attrition - LP (2011) (crust and stenchcore split from UK and USA. Profane Existence) 10$

1х Red Cro$s – Smoke Seven 81/82 LP (punk from USA. Puke N Vomit Records) 16$

1х SAD BOYS “demo” 12″ (Sad Boys is a band from New York with a brutal sound that mixes English punk sound with Japanese pogo-punk and giving all an incredible personality; strongly marked bass-lines under a distorted and screeching guitar , relentless drums on 1-2-1-2-1-2 makes can't stay quite listening to this shit ... and acute and squeaky voice of Emma is fucking punk. THE INJECTIONS and TOM & BOOT BOYS influences are indisputable and even something of THE WANKYS can be appreciated, but giving it a personal touch with the characteristic voice. 12 tracks that for me are the best of the band and almost impossible to find in the original format of cassette released by the band itself. DISCOS ENFERMOS RECORDS) 10$

1х SEE YOU IN HELL - Umet se prodat - 12"Lp - first re-press (First full Lp and first repress - 22 minutes 11 new songs of hasty, raw and furious, dark, crucial hardcore/punk their best material they ever did and crushing sound this record is more into the crust, more powerfull then on previous releases and it looks they take inspiration in japanese hardcore punk on this Lp. Excelent draw sleeve and great graphic design, political and personal lyric and fine poster, i think it is best czech hardcore record for years!!! Insane Society Records, Ultima Ratio) 10$

1х See You in Hell - Jed LP (US press) (“Burning Spirits” Japanese hardcore style, Czech. SPHC records) 12$

1х The Wankys - Knock One Out LP (England, swankys-loving noise punk. SPHC records) 10$

1х URSUT - Köp Dig Lycklig LP (URSUT are an all dad band with 9 hooligan kids delivering top notch dödskängpunk from south of Sweden. The new Lp ‘Köp Dig Lycklig’ (buy yourself happiness) is a thematic album dealing with classic but sadly still current (timeless?) topics of power structures, neo-liberalism, capitalism and social stigma. Music wise they pick it up where they left off after their first LP ‘Dårarnas paradis’ (fools’ paradise). Aggresive dual vocals, pounding, blisteringly heavy hardcore with fine hooks, intense breaks in the now-classic Swedish tradition. Full throttle dödskängpunk. Phobia Records) 12$

1х Utanförskapet-LP (Brutal and punishing Swedish kängpunk. Ex-members of Asocial, Svart Parad and Uncurbed. Conton Crasher records) 12$

1х VISITOR - HIGH SPEED SAVAGE LP (Debut 10 track 12" from Japanese Hardcore Punks VISITOR. Intense and devastating metallic hardcore with deranged guitar leads and insanely powerful drum work. Relentless from start to slow breakdowns here, just full on hardcore fury! Featuring ex-members of METAL SKULL / SCOURGE / EXPOSE This vinyl edition also includes two exclusive bonus tracks. Fans of GISM / DEATH DUST EXTRACTOR / WARHEAD etc. will feel this. Imminent Destruction records) 12$

EP, 7”:

2x 3 way split - Morsa / Brünner Todesmarsch / Age Of Death – Hladový Pes Žere Svého Pána (Brno area harcore punk compilation with bands MORSA, AGE OF DEATH, BRUNNER TODESMARCH. From metalic speed fast crust core MORSA, to total fast smash speed punk with female vocals of AGE OF DEATH, to masters of raw punk BRUNNER TODESMARCH. Ultima Ratio) 6$

1х Active Minds/Thisclose split 7” (UK/Scotland, legendary long-running anarcho-hardcore matched to The Grave New Beat. SPHC records) 5$

[NEW] 1x Agathocles / Extreme Smoke 57 – Deeper Than World / 0 534C41 564509, split 7" (A. - Grindcore band from Belgium. They call their music mincecore. Active since 1985. EX57 - Extreme Smoke (formerly Extreme Smoke 57) was the first noise and grindcore band from Slovenia. The band was formed in the beginning of 1990, in the city of Nova Gorica. On Parole Productions) 6$

2х ALLFUCK - S/T 7" (Debut vinyl release from Japanese Hardcore Punks ALLFUCK. Hailing from Kitakyushu, Japan, featuring ex-members of CROSSFACE, AI, this amazing three piece play raw hardcore punk with driving bass lines, roaring 'war-cry' vocals and a guitar tone that's not dissimilar to DISCLOSE. The drums are up front and impeccable, like a well calibrated tommy gun. IMMINENT DESTRUCTION RECORDS!) 6$

1х Antimelodix - Hellfuck 2011, 7" (2011) (crust punk from Russia. Mira voice records) 5$

1х ASSÄSSINI EP 7" (first vinyl release from mexican band, out of the hell of Mexico-City. Total raw-punk, hellmangel, d-beat massacre!!!! With killer-artwork from Ali Ripper!!! ROHKUNST) 5$

1x AVFALL now! 7ep (raw hardcore punk from Japan. Hardcore survives) 5$

1x BAD AGE / DISFUNKCE MYSLI - SPLIT 7" (Simple, fast HC punk of Bad Age is influenced by European and American hardcore 80s from Prostejov and surroundings . If the shelf at your flies Neser US HC boards , imagine Czechoslovak bands of the nineties as VAP / Davová Psychosis example . Recommended ! Sparring partners to split them are active , young floutci of Znojmo, which you can know from bands MIDNAT DOD DIS - K47 or RAW REASON . Other activities are DISFROSTEN fanzine , organizing concerts in Znojmo and label DIS - SCRAP recs . Rough d -beat / punk that with anything. Fuck you ! Ultima Ratio records) 5$

1x B.E.T.O.E - el inicio del fin. 7" Ep 2015. (Raw punk shit from vene$uela. 5 own noise + cover of H.H.H. Desorden) 5$

2x BETON / SKELETON - split 7" Ep (Slovakian and Canadian raw disbeat crust. Two songs from each band in black and white cover. Ultima Ratio) 4,5$

[NEW] 1x Back Then – Zeitverschwendung, 7" (2012, white vinil) (Back Then were a Hardcore Punk band from Linz, Austria. Black Trash Records) 4$

1x BOMBANGREPP -Maktmissbrukande Svin 7" (kang punk from Sweden. Phobia Records) 5$


[NEW] 1x Centipede – bystander 7” (hardcore punk from Japan. Pogo 77 records) 10$

1x Commodore 64 / Restriction - spit EP, 7" (C64 - Czech hardcore punk group from Strakonice. R - Czech harrdcore punk group from Ostrov nad Ohří. G.R.F.Records & Distribution and other) 4,5$

[NEW] 3x Contrast Attitude – Black Or White 7" (Crust band from Japan. Formed in 1998. Insane Society Records) 5.5$

1х CRUEL FRIENDS - s/t 7" (The debut 7" of this band from Karlsruhe/Straßbourg. I don't want to do the name-dropping thing now, you know, ex-and-current-this-and- that... this is some fast hardcore, with lots of grind parts and somehow it reminds me of a more grinding HIS HERO IS GONE (just to give you an idea of what you could expect). So here's some really fast and heavy stuff! Kink records) 4.5$

1x DESPERATE FIX - Death Kick Life's Ass EP (Brand new debut 7' EP from swedish Desperate Fix. This band/project is a two-piece; Lanchy from Totalitär, Brainbombs, Krig i Huddik and Drajan from Brainbombs, Krig i Huddik, No Balls... This is top class 80's flavoured hardcorepunk! Mangel Wax) 5$

[NEW] 3x Discard – Death From Above, 7" (Swedish hardcore punk band. Insane Society Records) 6.5$

2х DISEASE - DESTRUCTIVE NOISE RAID 7" (Raw d-beat punk from Macedonia, workship Disclose. Televised Suicide records) 6$

1х Disgusti- Demo 7" (Hardcore punk from Canada. HFI records) 5$

1х DISTURBIA CLADIS / FEAR OF THE FUTURE - SPLIT 7" (Solid split of São Paulo punk/crust HC here! FEAR OF FUTURE is formed by HELVETIN VIEMÄRIT, DISKÖNTROLL, KRONI, SUBMIT and UNFIT SCUM members and their sound is something on the lines of a drunk discussion about a post apocalyptic future while GBH, PUKE, JUDAS PRIEST and the "The Vikings are Coming!" compilation blasts on the stereo. On the flip side, DISTURBIA CLADIS is brazilian finest Mad Max metal-punk unit sounding like a Black Block meeting in an Anton LaVey mass with VOIVOD, ANTI-CIMEX, VENOM and MOTORHEAD as soundtrack! Satanic metal punx domination. Two major Brazilian reasons to not give up on the good/old punk rock! Crust or die rec.) 4$

1х Divided Minds - Strangers 7" (punk/post-punk from Croatia. Doomtown Records) 5$

2x E123 – Untitled (crust/grind from Russia. Сиду Вишёзу / 83 Records) 4$

1х Elegy - Evolve Into Darkness, 7" (metal punk from USA. Argh.fuck.kill. records) 5$

1x ESPERANZA - CHOICE (Kämäset Levyt) 7 (RAW HARDCORE ATTACK PUNK SOLDIER from Japan. Kamaset Levyt records) 6$

1х EXTINCT GOVERNMENT - WHEN WAS FEELING BORN? (EXTINCT GOVERNMENT new 7" is their first since 2013. EXTINCT GOVERNMENT have played HARDCORE PUNK for 24years, side A includes a typical EXTINCT GOVERNMENT melodic hardcore sound. Of side B's 2 songs one is again their type of EXTINCT GOVERNMENT sound the other more of the early EXTINCT GOVERNMENT, very fast and hardcore. Ricky(vocal) is also bass in ASUKA AND THE BUM SERVANTS and ex.TOM AND BOOT BOYS. Pogo 77 records) 6$

1x Filthy Hate / Midway Still – Break The Images Of Making Nonsense! EP (2012) (F.H.- Stenchcore from Japan. M.S. - Pop punk band from UK. Break The Connection Records) 6$

[NEW] 1x Final Exit/Sedem Minut Strachu split 7"(Japan/Slovakia) (When two grind bands are friends, when they're touring together, hanging out, of course they gotta do a split together, you know?Final Exit are 90's noisecore legends. One of the best bands ever to me. Their signature style is in full effect on their side: fast-paced, chaotic yet entirely intentional and precise arrangements of noisecore, metal, punk, and pop. Catchy, brutal, wild, peaceful, joyous, angry, just a real complex expression of humanity. Sedem Minut Strachu are 10's noisecore legends. First Slovakian punk band to ever tour the USA and Japan, masters of their craft, and their signature style is also well represented here: no holds barred, no twists, no turns, just pure unadulterated bludgeoning noisecore. They use Metallica riffs as a foundation, and then explode forward with all the energy and aggression that make me love and adore them. SPHC records) 6$

1x Ferocious X/Guilty C.* – Svart Rädsla Ep. - (2011) (noisy punk band from Japan. Overthrow Records) 7$

3х FRAGMENT - DEMO 7" EP (6 tracks of raw and distorted crasher crust from Canadian Hardcore Punks FRAGMENT. Debut release from this new band, this is their awesome demo pressed to vinyl. Featuring members of LIFECHAIN, CONTAGIUM and CONCRETE ASYLUM bringing feedback drenched aggressive hardcore with pummeling drumming. This bass lines instantly brings to mind FRAMTID but you can hear the LIFECHAIN guitar style in there also. A furious mix of addictive D-Beat Hardcore! IMMINENT DESTRUCTION RECORDS!) 6$

1х F.U.K. - Bad Drug Competition EP (Great UK punk with Chaos UK members!!! Gasmask Records) 5$

2х GENERACION SUICIDA/ ESPERANZA/ SOLPAATOS "roam over the land" 3way 7"ep (Hard beat punk rock Generacion Suicida (LA/USA), Spanish attack punk Esperanza (Hiroshima), Finnish raw punk ghost Solpaatos (Niigata). That's world-wide full punk connection 3way split 7"ep! They're influenced by each countries and cities then maiking own sounds through their filters. GS, They did japan tour recently. It sound like raw and rough hard punk with nostalgic feeling. screaming out about their struggle, life, oppression etc...Espenraza got much inspiration UK82'- early Spanish raw hardcore punk, Attack! Attack! and Solpaatos is cursed by traditional Finiish hardcore punk. It seems more than Finnish bands? 6songs, 2way reversible sleeve. Hardcore Survives) 6,5$

1х Girl Power - S/T 7" (Great debut outing from Oxfords Girl Power. Awesome hardcore with variety, riffs, humor and intelligence. If you're not shouting "We are white goods! We are white goods!" by the end of the first song (appropriately called (We Are) White Goods then there is something wrong with you! Other titles include Buying Cigarettes for Kids, Village Noticeboard, The Daytime Ritual and Monday Sport and each one thrashes, crashes, twists and turns from start to finish. There a bits of D-beat (drummer Stephen used to be in the damn good BERSICKER), US and UK hardcore, a bit of Amp Rep kinda stuff... it's hard to pin down exactly what's going in the pot here but it all works brilliantly together and makes a 5 song slab of scintillating noise-rock that bears repeated listens. Seriously good! Limited to 250 copies so don't sleep on it! Richter Scale Records) 5$

2х Glöm Dä! - I skuggan av eran stia 7'' (hardcore punk/d-beat/kang from Sweden. Fight back records) 5$

2х HARHAT - HENKINEN YDINTUHO 7" EP (Debut 6 track 7" from Finnish Hardcore Punks HARHAT. 3 storming punchy blasts of fast Finnish D-Beat Kang on each side make this a solid, perfect length EP. Catchy riffs that spiral out of control at times and explode before coming back down to land in a hail of thumping drum beats. Total raging hardcore for fans of DISPROVE, TOTALITAR, AARITILA, MUSTA KASI. IMMINENT DESTRUCTION!) 6$


1x HELLISHEAVEN // WEALD split 7" (death metal crust ala BOLT THROWER Poland vs USA. Rauha Turva) 5$

1х Illya - In Adversity... EP (burning spirit/hardcore punk from Japan. SPHC records) 5$

1х Iron Fist - die wasted on doomsday 7" (metal punk from USA. Muerta Negra Discos) 5$

1х Iron Merda/Fracas Absolut, Split 7" (d-beat/hardcore punk from Palma De Mallorca, Spain. Desorden, Old kids brigade,1984) 5$

1x I Maniaci – Clone My Cock / Snoopie Is A Pedophile, one side 7" (77 punk rock from USA. Loud Punk Records) 5$

[NEW] 1x Industrial Holocaust/Lotus Fucker split 7"(Brazil/USA) (Industrial Holocaust have been making some of the best grind music in the world since 1991. While their 90's records are indisputable classics, their recent output has shown no signs of slowing down (and I mean that literally, Rivelino's blastbeats sound faster than ever, which is insane to me). But while the extremity of their noisecore is world-class, what truly makes them one of the best grind bands ever is the stuff in between: the small musical vignettes that act as counterbalance to the noisecore flourishes. While making an insane noise-not-music attack, Industrial Holocaust manage to write particularly compelling, tasteful, and memorable grind/metal/hardcore parts, to make for a completed package that is very fucking powerful. Lotus Fucker throw down 3 tracks of noise hardcore and 1 cover of See You in Hell (Czech Republic). SPHC records) 6$

1x Insomnia Isterica / Grøssel – Stare Bene Per Forza / Untitled, split 7" (troglodyte grindcore from both bands. At War With False Noise) 5$

1x IS DODELIJK - Lederhosenzombies 7" (hc/punk/trash from germany. angry and pissed. Kink records) 4$

1x Just War – The Last Goodbye 7" (2015) (Motörcharged-Punk from Žižkov (Prague/CZ). Nuclear Chaos and other) 5$

1х KAKAFONI - Seizures EP (US vs Sweden, band with Dissekerad guitarist / Makabert Fynd singer vs. guys from Hellkontroll, Gasmiasma and current Eyehategod drummer. Classic scandinavian d-beat / punk in the vein of Anti Cimex / Mob 47. Raw, fast and aggressive. phobia records) 5$

1x Krüger – Ruku V Ruke S Pokrokom, 7" (Crust punk from Czech Republic. G.R.F.Records & Distribution and other) 5$

1x Kontraŭekzisto – Rezisto Kontraŭ Totalismo 7" (2001) (crasher crust / crust / noisecore / esperanto from Tokyo/Japan. Paank Levyt) 8$

1x Kuolema / Conclude – Kuolema / Conclude - split 7" (2010) (K. - hardcore punk from Finland. C. - finnish d-beat raw punk from Japan. K.Tuotanto records) 8$

3x Kullervo – Vítejte Na Věčnosti! (Crust/hardcore punk from Czech. Ultima Ratio) 6$

1x Leidkultur – For A Better World, 7"(2012) (raw and angry political punk-rock from munich/germany. Spastic Fantastic Records) 4,5$

1x Life Possession - s/t, 7" (brown vinil) (Crust punk from Czech Republic. G.R.F. Records & Distribution and other) 5$

1х LOSST '5 Track Demo' 7" (5 tracks of 'face-stomping hardcore' pack hailing from the small city of Mentakab. G-lord records) 6$

1х Masspollution 7'' EP (crashercrust, d-beat, raw punk, Minsk. No Bread records) 5$

2х MILD SHAG - S/T 7" (6 song debut 7" release from Singapore Hardcore Punks MILD SHAG.Members of DAILY RITUAL, SNAGGLETOOTH and VAARALLINEN combine to produce raw, snotty and angry punk rock with crisp, thumping drums, buzzed out, melodic but powerful guitar work and snarling vocals. Catchy time changes with bouncy riffs and straight to the point lyrics. This has an almost 'street punk' vibe to it and soundwise is comparable to the band REGULATIONS from Sweden or early BLACK FLAG (to these ears anyway) IMMINENT DESTRUCTION RECORDS!) 6$

2x Mister X – A.C.A.B. (S.H.A.R.P. Oi-band from Belarus. Street Beat Records) 6$

[NEW] 4x Mob 47 - EP, 7" (Hardcore punk band which formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1982. Insane Society Records) 6.5$

1х Mörkt Kapittel/Agenda - split 7" (M.K. - crust/ hardcore punk from Norway. A. - crust/d-beat/hardcore punk from Norway. Negative Vibe records) 4$

1x ONMACHT - s/t 7" (Dark and bleak, yet driving and energetic; Onmacht assault you with thumping rhythms, jarring guitars and venom spitting, throat searing vocals. In these times of austerity and inequality, punks should be releasing records like this; angry, uncompromising and not afraid to be outspoken; this is punk fucking rock in all its pissed off, raging glory. As well as all that, this is a DIY co-operative release between several international labels. You need this record. Argh.fuck.kill records) 4,5$


1х PISS - s/t 7" (raw hardcore punk from Berlin/Germany. Static Age) 6$

1x Rail / Shadows Remember His Toil - split 7" (black metal/ punk/ experiemental/ grindcore, Russian Federation/Canada. No Bread records) 4$

1x RESTRICTION / ASO-NAGA - split 7" Ep (Czech hardcore punk thrash from Ostrov near Karlsbad team up with almost all girl band from Krupka playing angry, fast hardcore punk with girl voice. Ultima Ratio) 4.5$

1х REPRESSION ATTACK "return to instincts" 7" (Crust Punk Stench Core Monster from Ryazan/Russia. After their 2013 LP this is their next release, a brutal and raw matter with dual, male and female gruntz!!!! Comes in green coloured vinyl, Artwork by drummer Gleb, lyrics printed on the inside in russian and english translation, a must have!!!! Argh.fuck.kill.) 5$

1х Re/Volt - This is Our War 7" (all stars band! look at bandcamp. Crust punk/hardcore punk from UK. Farewell Records) 5$

1x Rictus grin - self titled, 7" (First vinyl release for Massachusetts nonsense pogo band Rictus Grin! 7 original songs and one Beer Belly cover. Queer pogo punk about drinking beer and hating work! For fans of Beer Belly, Tom and boot boys, Who killed spiky jacket?, and The Erections. Pogo delphia records) 6$

1x Rosa Parks / Aliusterra - split 7" (Two czech punk bands both goes to anarchopunk way and ep is packed it perfect drawed cover. Ultima Ratio) 4.5$

1х ROTTEN UK - BACK TO WAR 7" (Like a blast to the past, just better. Rotten UK is ironically from Rochester, New York. They take the essence of old UK82-85 hardcore punk titles and ressurects it with more force and bitterness and the studio clarity of today. Members of Blüdwülf. Great EP. If you haven't checked it out yet, listen here Byllepest records) 5$

2х Rotten – Waiting For The Bomb, 7" (UK 82 punk from USA. Loud Punk Records) 6.5$

1x Roxor – Požierač Duší, 7" (red vinil) (Crust band from Vranov nad Topľou, Slovakia. G.R.F.Records & Distribution and other) 5$

2х RUBBLE - S/T 7 (Debut 7" from Portland's UK82 inspired peace punk. Female fronted pogo attack with ex-members of Bog People & Verraterisch. DISTORT REALITY) 6$

1х Rukkus "Raw Shock Terror" EP! ("Debut EP since their cult staus demo. Rukkus recorded this in 2007 and it hasn't been released until now. Heavy influences from GISM, Disorder, Gasmask, Chaos UK, Gai, etc. Raw shock terror for your enjoyment." Aseptic Records) 5$

1x SandCreek Massacre / M:40 - split 7" (M — Crust / hardcore band from Lidköping, Sweden. SCM - Crust, Neo-crust, hardcore punk band from Holland / Netherlands. Halvfabrikat Records/Headnoise Records) 5$

1x Screaming Damned Fossils – Screaming Damned Fossils (1996) (hardcore punk from Japan. V.O.D.D. Records) 6$

1x Scuzz / Male Patterns - split 7" (2015) (two american hardcore / punk band from Albany, New York. Loud Punk Records) 5.5$

[NEW] 1x Sedem Minút Samurai - s/t 7" (Slovak noisecore band formed in 2012. SPHC records) 6,5$

[NEW] 1x See You In Hell / Contrast Attitude -split 7" (Orange Translucent )(SYIN - Hardcore/thrash band from Czech Republic. CA - Crust band from Japan. Insane Society Records) 6$

[NEW] 1x See You In Hell / Contrast Attitude -split 7" (SYIN - Hardcore/thrash band from Czech Republic. CA - Crust band from Japan. Insane Society Records) 5$

[NEW] 1x Shitnoise Bastards - Lo​-​Fi Does Not Mean Sucks, It's A Threat​!​! EP (When xSaxonx toured southeast Asia, we played with a lot of tremendous bands, but one that made a deep impression on me was Shitnoise Bastards. Three lovely and polite dudes making the most insane heinous noisecore attack, Blastmaster's lightspeed blastbeats providing the foundation of an insane noise-not-music assault on the senses. With their exciting "freestyle grindcore", they remain one of my favorite grind bands in the game. SPHC records) 6$

2х SIEGA 7" (Finally after millions of shit around as allways is out one of the best records on the label. After theis fucking brilliant demo SIEGA is back (and gone forever) with their debut 7". 7 FUCKING great songs that take back the punkcrust sound of the 90s. Bands like DETESTATION, D`ROTZBOUWEN and the great 90s eurocrust comes to mind but they give to all personal touch with rawer and darker sound and even more PUNK in their midtempo riffs with amazing female vocals in the front giving really personal sense to all, for me one of the best female vocals I have seen.Lyrics are not void and take the torche of their personal struggles being anarchist and female. Discos Enfermos records) 5.5$

1х Silent Order- Distraction EP (raw hardcore/noise punk from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Konton Crasher Records) 5$

1x SINERGIA - Victims Of Another Flashback - 7"Ep (New recordings material of crust punx from Spain, records contains six songs of raw crust punk with rought vocal and great sound. Whole records is tag together from cover songs of bands as ANTI CIMEX, TOTALITAR, ELECTRO HIPPIES, DRI, DEAD KENNEDYS. Fast, raw, violent and incommunatable southern temperament. Human Liberation Front) 4$

1х Sistemas De Aniquilacion – Guettos Del Sur 7" (Peruvian Dbeat punk. Svoboda records) 5$

2x Shitty Life – S/L (Shitty Life is a five piece DIY chitarrino power punk band from Parma/Italy. Crapoulet records) 6$

1x Society's Decline – 6 Track - 7" (D-beat/Hardcore from Stockholm/Sweden. Mangel Wax) 5$

3х SVAVELDIOXID - Krigets Brutalitet EP (New 7"EP from d-takt mönsters from Sweden. Ex-members from bands like Disfear, Warvictims, Anger Burning and Operation. Anti Cimex + Bombanfall + Dischange + No Security = SVAVELDIOXID. Phobis records) 6$

2х SUSS LAW - S/T 7" (raw hardcore punk from Portland/USA. DISTORT REALITY) 6$

2х Thisclose - What Glory? EP (Latest and greatest from the flagship band of the Grave New Beat. Thisclose returns with 5 tracks of their patented, unmistakable brand of d-beat hardcore, fusing all the signature aspects and all the nitty gritty details of the entire Discharge discography into one cohesive exploration of "d-beat punk music". One mid-tempo rocker and four short fast smashers. Perfect. SPHC records) 5.5$

х Thisclose/Sludge split 7" (T. - UK82/d-beat for fun Discharge from Scotland, S. - burning spirit/hardcore punk from Japan. SPHC records) 5.5$

3х TOM AND BOOT BOYS / PUNKS ARE RIPPED OFF 7" (Pogo punk from Japan. Pogo 77 records) 7$

1x Tötentanz / Omega SS - split 7" (crust punk/d-beat from Ukraine/Russia. Headnoise Records/No Bread!) 5$

1x TOTAL WAR - 8 Track Demo EP (Total War is a d-beat band from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. They play raw, straight forward and in the faced-paced tradition of early Scandinavian d-beat / hardcore, like Anti-Cimex, Crude S.S., Disarm, Shitlickers, Mob 47, No Security, Totalitär, etc. Catchy, yet a violent kick in the face. Gasmask Records) 5$

1х THE AVOIDED / THE KIDZ DON'T CARE 7" (punk rock/ oi! from Japan. Pogo 77) 6$

1х THE EPIDEMIC - LOSING CONTROL EP 7" (uk 82 punk/street punk from USA. Total fucker records) 5$

1х THE ERECTiONS / POK GAI - THINK OF POGO PUNK AND STUPID FUCKING LIFESTYLE, split 7" (pogo punk from Japan/Canada. Pogo 77) 6$

1x The Savages - Tomorrow's View 7" (UK82 punk from Japan. Hardcore Survives) 6$

1х The Shining / Ameaca Cigana (7") (Since 15 years The Shining from Amsterdam thrashing round the globe with their unic thrashing Hardcore punk!!!This is their seventh 7" release, this time they team up with Amenaca Cigana from Brasilia/Brasil. The Shining giving the classic from "Ratos de Porao – S.O.S. pais falido" a dutch touch and AC doing "BGK - holiday in lebanon" in portuguise, both fucking Great!! Argh.fuck.kill. records) 5$

1х The Wankys – self-titled EP (UK, veteran noise punk band returns with their fastest and harshest material in some years. SPHC records) 5$

1х Unbroken Bones: The Last Weapon 7" (Debut 7" from this Russian band who had a few strong tapes in the past couple of years. For the transition to vinyl things get a little bit less raw and a little more metallic... obviously their name is a Broken Bones reference, and they really do sound quite a lot like Bonecrusher-era Broken Bones here... lots palm-muted riffs with little dive-bomb solos, but with total hardcore-punk drum beats. Definitely a ripper of a 7"! Kink Records) 5$

2x Unknown to God- Unbearable Trauma and Grief EP (Australian raw punk. Konton Crasher) 6$

1х V/A – ACCELERATION TO DOOMSDAY 7” EP (DISTURD / LASTLY / DESPERDICIO / AGAINST THE GRAIN. Japanese HC compliation. Imminent Destruction records) 5$

2х V.A. - DO YOU WANNA BE A PUNK ROCKER? 7" (This 7" will be made for Young punks and New punk bands. ASUKA AND THE BUM SERVANTS is UK82 style punk. RECONSIDERATION is noise hardcore punk. BEER BELLY is POGO punk. PISTOL JOKE is DISORDER style noise core. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS is classic UK82 HARD PUNK. F.I.N is old japanese punk rock. Pogo 77 records) 7$

1x Vendetta – Fight EP (2012) - 7" (UK82/hardcore punk from Japan. Hardcore Survives Records) 6$

1x WAARFACE - Accepted As Truth EP (Brutal d-beat / crust from Austin, TX. After their split 7"EP with Kronisk Misantropi they are back with bradn new recordings in the vein of old good bands like Skitsystem / early World Burns To Death. Again only 200 pressed, first come first served. Phobia Records) 5$

1х WARNING//WARNING - My World 7" (6 songs of ear piercing, yet catchy noise hardcore punk with a message from Bordeaux, France. Flower Of Carnage/ Kick Rock) 5$

1х Warthreat - And The Children EP (d-beat noise punk from Perth, Australia. Konton Crasher Records) 5$

2х WHO KILLED SPIKEY JACKET? / SLEEPYTIME PUNKS 7" (street punk/pogo punk from USA. Pogo 77 records) 7$

1x Отдел СамоискорененияВойны Для Воинов (First Soviet and Russian anarcho-punk band that was active since 1981 and totally banned by KGB is a legend that actually lives. VDV Records) 8$


1x PASSIV DÖDSHJÄLP - Lögner 5“EP (The highly productive Passiv dödshjälp is back with a cover 5" EP. Hereon you will find two covers, one originally made by Mob 47 and one by Skitsystem. Pulverizing crustcore from 026. Intense in a direct way; keeping focus of the shit in todays society. This 5" is made as lacquer cut. Selling points # Raw crustcore from Gefle. # Strictly limited 5" EP! 100 copies on clear vinyl. # Phobia Records)


2x ABIGAIL – Live At Antiknock Tokyo 7” flexi (two live tracks of evil metal featuring Joel Grind. At War With False Noise) 5$

1х CADENAXO "belleza mexicana" FLEXI (Since I heard this demo was a non-stop effort on the plate. 4 perfect songs of pure HARDCORE. This recording is simply complete, taking the evolution of the band (really active touring US and playing shows). Taking roots on early 80s Boston hardcore like DYS or NEGATIVE FX but also giving their own influence of Mexican 90s punk sound and carrying the name of the new mexican hardcore sound of bands appearing in the last years. Discos Enfermos records) 5.5$


[NEW] 3х Mob 47 - s\t flexi (Hardcore punk band which formed in Stockholm, Sweden in 1982. Insane Society Records) 6$

1x Short Fuse/Dirty Work split, flexi (Split flexi featuring up and coming street punk band Short Fuse from Salt Lake City and oi punx from Toronto, Canada Dirty Work! For fans of the Casualties, The Virus, Oi! Scouts and Career Soldiers! Pogo Delphia records) 5$

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