2х Arch Vile #2. (Interviews: Gripe, Chiens, Youth Violence, Internal Excavation, Sidetracked, Foible Instinct. + Reviews on movies and grind, noise, pv. Parameters: English written, laid A5, 48 pages.) 2$

4x Crink zine #6 (Paranoid, Gazm, Pok Gai) free

21x Noise and Dirt zine #2 (winter - spring 2017, b/w, cut and paste, language: English, 16 page. Disease, Imminent destruction records, Vaaska) 2$

1x No Exposure Zine #3 (A5 / 52 page/ Australia. Territory, Sorry State Records, records store from Tokyo, reviews) 3$

2x PRIVATE SCANDAL FANZINE #3 (English) (Chiba punk special featuring interviews with The MARGAReTS and the C&C, and features on unknown Chiba punk bands. 48 pages.) 3$

1x Rotcore' Zine + tape (40+ page fanzine, documenting the Rochester, NY punk/hardcore/grindcore scene. Reel Time Records) 4$

1х Spálená Ramena #3 English language + tape (32 A/5 pages, unusual format, unique hand-made DIY cover for each copy. In Content: interviews with Rauha Turva (CZ), Chiens (France), Totälickers (Spain), Psykoanalyysi (Fin), Hellsound Studio (CZ), plus special interview with 4 new Brno bands (Aliusterra, Brünner Todesmarsch, Alkalmatlankodik and Machinarium). Music and fanzine reviews and concert reports.) 3$

2x SPÁLENÁ RAMENA #4 (44 page/English, b/w. interview with:DISWOLF,  Wargame records; MORAL HANGOVER, GODOT YOUTH, KULLERVO, TRAUMA; DOOMSISTERS, Squatting in Amsterdam + other columns) 2$

1х YOUR WAR ZINE #13 (This one features interviews with: EEL (USA) and GASMIASMA (USA).Plus a rarities feature and column written by yours truly and some reviews also.Tidy little package, getting bigger and better all the time + as always, limited to 100 copies worldwide.) 2$

1x Your War #17 (Absolut, Sow Threat, Aspects of war, reviews, rarities, columns) 2$

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