1x 3 way split Iron Fist / Whipstriker / Atomic Road – Metal punks not dead, tape (3 metalpunk/rock-n-roll/thrash bands from USA and Brazil. Motorpunk Recs / Fuck the Mainstream Recs) 4$

2x Afonia – Human Succes (grindcore from Russia. No Bread!) 5$

2х NN 120 Aggression - Bite in the future, (tape) (motorcharge punk from Japan. No Name records) 4,5$

1x gonia – Caos En El Sotano (Andean trash-punk/Post-Punk band based in NYC, NY. El Parche Punk Records) 5$

15x NN 121 Allergy - Smog, (tape) (hardcore punk/noise punk from Gainesville, Florida, USA. No name records) 4.5$

2х Alement - Disturbing Future Visions tapes (Axewielding stench fucking crust from Philly/USA. self released) 5$

1x ALERTA! “demo” (Hardcore punk from Spain. Discos enfermos records) 4$

1x Aktivna Propaganda / Sodn Dan – Split Tape (AP- Hardcore punk band from Slovenia. SD - Hardcore punk band from Slovenia. Dhpak47) 5$

[NEW] 1x Amebix – Make Some Fucking Noise (crust punk from UK. Xerotika records) 20$

1x ARREST “demo” CASSETE (streetpunk/oi! from Spein. Discos enfermos) 4$

3x Arryam - dance violence cassette. (Korean power vionlence. Members from Scumraid, MyManMike, The Kitsches & Crawler. 12 songs.Short,fast,loud & crazy.need to say more? Bullwhip records) 5$

4х Aostrapos/Exit Hippies split tape (Japan noise punk split tapeю War Cloud Records) 6$

1x ASPECTS OF WAR - A LOOK INTO THE NIGHTMARE CS (4 tracks of ultimate D-BEAT RAW PUNK from all over the New England. Hail to Discharge and Disclose. Once released as demo tape for Varning from Montreal fest, now got a proper cassette release for those who care. Voice from inside tapes) 5$

1x Asphyxiate - s/t tape (metal punk from Chicago/USA. self released) 4$

1x Audio Kollaps – Music From An Extreme Sick World (Audio Kollaps was founded in 1998 by 3 members of the German hardcore band Recharge. They combine lyrics in the vein of Discharge with mixture of hardcore punk, grindcore and death metal. The band is located in Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany. Makima Records) 4$

5x BATTLESCARD - blasting high-charge cassette (BATTLESCARD is a three piece thrashy punk rock from Yokohama City, Japan directly influenced by almighty early bands like MOTORHEAD and DISCHARGE.12 studio tracks of blasting high-charge Japanese hc plus another 12 unreleased live songs of total fury that rage against the world!!! Bullwhip records) 5$

1х BEASTMAN 'Beastman' CS (hardcore punk from USA. Jelly Music, inc.) 3$

1х B.E.T.O.E – grupos exterminio, estado asesino (d-beat raw punk Venezuela. Kaos Diystro) 4.3$

54х NN 124 Besthoven - D-beat inferno, (tape) (d-beat master from Brazil, 25 comp. trax.2009. No name records) 4.5$

1x Beyond Discription "An Elegy For Depletion" (metal thrash punk from Japan. Bullwhip Records) 5$

2x BIRTH DEFORMITIES - SUBURBANIZED CS REISSUE (Chicago based long gone but not forgotten hardcore punk outfit with kinda all star line up including Nick Sick shouting, the mastermind of now defunct Cowabunga Records; Nathan from Cülo playing guitar, AJ (Gas Rag/Cülo) playing bass and gone soldier Sean Quinn of Cülo (RIP) on drums. Excellent 80s NY/NJ punk, influenced by Chronic Sick, Fatal Rage, Social Unrest, Modern Warfare etc. Once released as 10" EP is now reissued on tapes! Voice from inside tapes) 5$

12х NN 125 Blockade - Dead Beat At War, (tape) (raw d-beat punk from Australia. No name records) 4.5$

[NEW] 1x Blood Patrol - s/t (thrash metal/hardcore punk from Germany. Kink Records) 3.5$

1x BOMBATOLСSER - Bude Klid demo (crust from Brno, Czech. self released) 6$

1x Bonebreaker - Demos Compilation (thrash metal from Brazil. Polze De La Mort) 4$

2х BOOJI BOYS - s/t LP // Demo 2016 (garage punk from Halifax/USA. Runstate tapes) 5$

50х NN 129 Bootlicker - 6 track E.P.? (tape) (UK 82/d-beat punk from Canada. No name records) 4.5$

18x NN 071 BrainRuin - Інформаційна брехня, (pro-tape) (hardcore punk from Kiev, Ukraine) 4$

[NEW] 1x Brud Krou – Самооборона (Hardcore/punk band from Minsk, Belarus. Distorted Bible Stories) 4$

2x Burial Ground – Black Metal Speed, (2017) (Blackened one-man speed-/thrash metal act from Russia. Chainsaw Distro) 6$

[NEW] 48х NN 130 Cerkkyu - demo 2018, (tape) (d-beat/hardcore punk from Seoul, South Korea. Members from Scumraid. No name records) 4.5$

1х CHILD MEADOW / PIRI REIS Split Cassette (French 90's Emo Hardcore meet Kuala Lumpur Intense Screamo. G-lord records) 4$

[NEW] 1x CODE 13 “DISCOGRAPHY” (crust-core from USA. No Manipulation Distro) 6$

1х Combatant - S/t (Ripping hardcore from Maine,US mainly influenced by first two Agnostic Front released and various NYHC 82 era. Pissed off records!) 5$

2x Complex – Modern Mutants (hardcore punk from USA. Self released) 5$

1x Convince / Ognemöt - split tape (crust punk from Russia/Estoniya. Enrage Records) 4.5$

2х CROCHE - Demo (Punk as fuck. Runstate tapes) 5$

2x Crucial Section – Demo 2017 (hardcore punk from Japan. Crew For Life Records) 5$

2x Crutches - Såld cassette (3rd 12' installment from Malmö's brutal and raw detonation of Mangel Kang punk!11 songs. An official cassette release. Bullwhip records) 5$

1x Cülo - Military Trend CS (hardcore punk from USA. Voice from inside tapes) 4$

28х NN 122 Darmstadt - s/t ep, (tape) (d-beat/hardcore punk from Belgium. No name records) 4.5$

2x Daudyflin - Ofbeldi (Hardcore / punk band from Reykjavík, Iceland. Polze De La Mort) 4,5$

5x Deathfist – Too Hot To Burn, (2017) (Thrash metal band from Germany. Chainsaw Distro) 6$

2x DECADE 'Demo" (6 tracks of skull crushing raw punk insanity featuring ex.ABSOLUT member. Runstate tapes) 5$

1x Disfuncke Mysli - demo 1 - 4 songs (D-beat from Czech rep. self released) 5.5$

[NEW] 2x Disguise – Signs Of The Future (Hardcore-punk/D-beat band from Dublin, Ireland. Doombringer records) 5$

1х DIS-K47 - Naše Lhostejnost Jejich Bezcitnost (d-beat Czech republic. self released) 3$

1x DISPARO/GRUDGE! split cassette (Sydney's and Melbourne's premier fastcore/grinding hcpunk band Disparo and Grudge team up deliver to you as one of the fastest, tightest and most tenacious around. The release features seven tracks of brooding resentment and rapid-fire hatred that will blow your mind!!! Bullwhip records) 4.5$

1х NN 098 Dropend - Demonstration 2011, (tape) (Raw d-beat punk from Tokyo/Japan. No name records) 4$

9х NN 123 Dove - Whats to Gain?, (tape) (noise punk from Portland, USA. No name records) 4,5$

2x Doxx - II (Canadian hardcore-punk band from Ottawa, Ontario. Self released) 4$

2x DURS COEURS - Dur Dur Dur (Franco-Ontarian punk rock. Runstate tapes) 4$

1x E330-2003-2008 (slovakia raw hc with hungary lyrics. rauha turva records) 4.5$

1х EASTERN BLOC Demo (6 songs demo (one more than in US version) from new Boston/Chelmsford MA HC punk supergroup. Hardcore Punk, like in 80's when it was no barriers between styles. Members of Social Circkle, Savageheads, 2x4, Dry Hump, Sgt. Slaughter and many more..... Offside records) 4,5$

4x EARTH CRUST DISPLACEMENT - D-TAKT NOIZE CASSETTE (Earth Crust Dsiplacement is a total vicious d-beat rawpunk from Berlin, Germany. Deliver to you 14 songs of maximum energy with distorted raw punk d-beat noise inferno in vein of various Japanese hc band such as Disclose, Confuse, Framtid etc. Official cassette release. LP originally release on Rodel Records. Bullwhip records) 5$

[NEW] 1x Ebola – Incubation (UK based hardcore / punk / thrash group. Malarie Records) 5.5$

2x Fast Fuckers – Demo (hardcore punk from Russia. Negative Attitude Records) 5$

3х FLESH TRADE EP (this is the european release on blue shelled tapes. Flesh Trade is a raw HardcorePunk band based in Los Angeles/USA, with very good lyrics!!! ROHKUNST) 5$

1x Final Slum War – Another Day,Another Struggle (raw d-beat punk from Spain. Lutra Lutra Records) 4$

5x NN 048 Foible Instinct - Age of Machines, pro tape (old school grindcore Kiev,Ukraine. No name records) 3$

1х FRAGMENT - Brainwash Session (Halifax raw punk well done. Runstate tapes) 5$

17х NN 126 Futura - s/t demo, (tape) (UK 82 punk from USA. No name records) 4.5$

2x FUTURE TERROR - WE'RE ALL FUCKED DEMO CS (Last year's demo from young Richmond's harcore punk band playing plain and straightforward swedish hardcore in the vein of Avskum, Anti-Cimex, Disarm, Asocial, Crude SS and so on. Voice from inside tapes) 5$

2x GAME - WHO WILL PLAY? CS VERSION (Wave of British Hardcore squad goes Japan so here's new hardcore band with members of Arms Race, Fucked Up etc sounding like 80's japanese hardcore bands from ADK and Dogma Records such as L.S.D., The Comes, Mobs, Gauze, Gai etc with both English and Polish lyrics (which at this point reminds me of Siekiera's early years). Originally as flexi 7" by singer Ola (QCHQ recs). Voice from inside tapes) 5$

[NEW] 1х GEIGER COUNTER - Self Titled (A dark, metallic crust core whirlwind. Building off their demo, these Minneapolis maniacs deliver a riff heavy album constructed on the basis of classic crusty hardcore but infused with modern sensibilities of song writing and somber melody. Doombringer records) 5,5$

1x Getcold – Winter Demo 2013 (Powerviolence from Kiev/Ukraineю Freak Friendly D.I.Y.) 4.5$

х Getcold - s/t (powerviolence/grindcore from Kiev/Ukraine. freak friendly d.i.y.) 4$

1x GEWALTBEREIT - EIN LEBEN LANG VERRECKT CS VERSION (Fucking sick intense hardcore punk coming out of Leipzig in best traditions of 80s German hc bands Chaos Z, Inferno, Boskops, Vorkriegsjugend etc. Voice from inside tapes) 5$

4x GLORIOUS? - Discography Vol.1 (22 crushing tracks from these raw-punk maniacs from Malmö, Sweden. Include 1 unreleased track. Runstate tapes) 5$

1х Gluerash - UK Tour Tape 2016 (hardcore punk from UK. ES records) 5$

1х Gymnastic Skull Whistling - Play Fast or Dont (Demo) (fastcore powerviolence Malaysia. Cactus Records) 3.5$

1x Harum-Scarum – Live In Slovenija May6,2000 (American hardcore punk band from Portland, Oregon. Nikt Nic Nie Wie) 6$

1х HATRED RAID - DEMO TAPE (Ex band Brutal terrorism, Voco Protesta. Limited 100 copies. Broken Noise records) 4$

1х Heat S/T Cassette (Heat’s debut seven-inch is a hellish, whirlwind onslaught of ultracore agony. It would be easy to name check the cult HC groups of yore who make up Heat’s primary influences — Neanderthal, Citizens Arrest, Impact Unit, Crossed Out, etc. — but these San Diego insurgents aren’t content simply paying homage; they’re taking their savage influences and pushing the aural torment into a refreshing, self-stylized direction. Whether full tilt blasting, stomping at a mid-pace, or trudging through a dirge, there’s a natural fluidity and cohesion to Heat’s under-a-minute nuclear reactions that belies the group’s intensity. Simply put, any fan of extreme hardcore will revel in Heat’s burly, mutant approach. Buy it, steal it, hype it, but above all: feel it.” (Colin Tappe). Pissed off! records) 4$

1x Heckler - s/t (2016), CS (d-beat punk/hardcore punk from Switzerland. self release) 5$

1х HELLBURST "demo(n)#1" demotape (a newer threepiece from Bamberg/ Frankonia/Germany playing harsh MetalPunk and they for sure had a listen to Hellhammer/Venom/Slaughter!!!!! Program repeats on both sides of the tape. Every tape comes with a nice screenprinted patch!!! Argh.fuck.kill.) 4$

1х NN 040 Herida Profunda - s/t, pro tape (Crust-grind from Poland. No name records) 3$

1х Hez - s/t ("Dark" punk band from Panama. Polze De La Mort) 4$

[NEW] 1x Human Waste – Fuck The Cops... Do We Need To Say More??? (Crust, D-Beat, Punk from Östersund, Sweden. Примитив-Дистро) 5$

2x ICE WAR "battle zone" ep on tape + pin (Metal punk from Canada. New soloproject from Jo Capitalicide, well known from ZEX, IRON DOGS, BASTARDARTOR, GERM ATTAK, SCHIZOPHASIA, BLUE CROSS, etc... Programm repeats on both sides, every tape comes with an nice square pin/button. Argh.fuck.kill.) 5$

2x INEPSY - The Lost Tracks (7 unreleased tracks recorded in 2009. This is the last and final release for INEPSY. Runstate tapes) 8$

1x INFERNOH - DEMO CS REISSUE (Essential and inspiring demo from 2011. SVENSKA RÅPUNK MANGEL. Voice from inside tapes) 5$

2x Iron Wind – demo (Heavy Metal, Punk from USA. Ryvvolte Records) 5$

3x Khiis Demo 2017 cassette (Debut demo cassette from this new Oakland punk band.3 punk tracks sung in Farsi. Members of Y2K, Violence, Wild Moth. Bullwhip records) 5$

3x Kontatto - Fino Alla Fine (Pro Cassette) (d-beat punk/hardcore punk from Italy. Sickhead records) 5$

2x Korrosive - Syovytaava (fincore/raw punk from USA like Kaaos / Riistetyt / Appendix / Tampere SS. Voice from inside tapes) 5$

3х KORUBO – Neexestujici Leta Pane - Demo Tape (My oldest band from Brno area 10 trax of raw political punk as fuck. Mix punk and crust with dark feeling and not so much positive lyric done in great black and silver huge cover. Ultima Ratio) 5$

{RESTOCK} 1x Koszmar "Jeniec Wojenny" LP CS (Raw d-beat hardcore-punk on Polish from Canada. Also it was released on 12" in USA/Canada. Vomit label & distro) 5$

1x Knifeman - Özmein (The first album and some old stuff by crust-knights from Kharkiv, Ukraine! SURROGATE Rec.) 4$

1x Lamant – 2003-2005 Послушай И Забудь (Crust, Punk, Thrash, Hardcore from Belarus. Destroy Sounds Records. без значка) 6$

4x Last – Better Than To Do Nothing (LAST is a fast japanese hardcore punk from Okayama City. Members from MASSGRAVE, MY OWN CHANGE and DEATH DUST EXTRACTOR. 10 tracks of old style of Japanese Hardcore. Perfectly executed intense Japanese hardcore punk. Loud, fast, massive guitars, howling vocals and distorted basslines. Official cassette release. Bullwhip records) 5$

1х Lebendon Toten 'static' (PDX noise punk. Black konflik records) 7$

{RESTOCK} 1х Led By Fear – Will The Nightmare Stop? (D-Beat/Raw Punk band from Tver, Russia formed in 2011. self released) 5$

{RESTOCK} 1х Life - Violence, peace and peace research (d-beat/crust punk from Japan. Punk bastard records) 6$

{RESTOCK} 1х LIFE POSSESSION - trest bez viny (crust punk raw d-beat band from the Czech Republic. aback distro records) 3.5$

4х Lux s/t (spanish ponx. Pissed Off Records) 50 грн

1х LYCANTHROPHY / NENÍ ÚNIKU split MC (Czech fast grindcore hell and crustcore with metal parts and male/female vocals. Insane Society rec.) 4.5$

1х Mad Pigs - w.w.b.l.o. (hardcore punk/street punk from Czech Republic. Muerta Negra Discos) 4$

1x Massacre Divine – Beijando A Morte (Fofäo Discrust (Besthöven) and Jo (Germ Attak and more) has joined forces to deliver a zipping, ripping mess of sound on this 7″. Raw and crunchy guitars, rolling basslines and “sloppy” hammering drums – topped off by roaring reverby vocals in English and Portuguese. Four tracks of raw punk that sounds like a long lost Discharge recording put to tape some time between “Realities of War” and “Fight Back”. Lutra Lutra Records) 4$

1x Methadone Abortion Clinic - Sex, Drugs, and Rotten Holes (goregrind / USA. SURROGATE Rec.) 4$

2x Mob 47 – Sjuk Värld (classic hardcore punk from Sweden. Black Konflik Records) 7$

{RESTOCK} 1х NN 035 MÖRKERSIDA – demo 2013 D.I.Y. tape (сrust punk from Russia. No name records) 3$

1x Morsa - democassette (fast/ crust/ metal with female screaming, 4 songs from Brno, Czech rep. Self released) 6$

[NEW] 1x Mrtvá Budoucnost / Active Minds – Split Live Tape (MB- Hardcore punk band from Czech Republic. AM - UK punk band from Scarborough. Your Not Normal Records) 5$

1х MULE - Fucked Forever (HC punk from Montreal, Canada. Runstate tapes) 4$

2х NIÑOS RATA - Demo (punk rock band from Montreal/Canada. Runstate tapes) 5$

3x Night Prowler - Crucible Of Power cassette (This is the forth instalment in the Night Prowler saga.9 new songs. Night Prowler is a bruising hardcore/oi! band out of Vancouver,Canada heavily influenced byBoston and NYHC 1983.(Last Rights, DYS, The Abused, Antidote et). Bullwhip records) 5$

1х Nomad - 自殺 (japanese influenced raw punk, NYC. Voice from inside tapes) 4$

1х No Man's Lan 'grow away from society ' (oi!/street punk from Indonesia. Confuse Indie Production) 5$

4х Obstruction 'Absolut Obstruction (swedish dbeat from Texas. Pissed Off Records) 5$

1x Odio - Un Mondo Libero Dall'Uomo CS (Burning spirit/hardcore punk/d-beat from USA. Voise from inside tapes) 4.5$

3x Odio "un mundo libero dall uomo" (Japan style influenced raw punk from US. Pissed Off Records) 5$

3х OMERTA - Pyromania EP (Crust/Punk from Ottawa, Canada. Runstate tapes) 5$

1x Orden Mundial - s/t CS (raw hardcore punk from Spain. Voice from inside tapes) 4$

14х NN 114 Outcry - EP 2017, (tape) (anarcho punk, UK 82 from Halifax/Canada. No name records) 4$

1х PACK!MAN - CRISIS PUNK TO DEATH TAPE (Furious hc/punk from Sabah! Self released) 4$

1x Pantalla - Realidad Tóxica CS (raw hardcore punk from Spain. Voice from inside tapes) 4$

2х Paradox s/t & Strangulation EP Tape (Paradox’s blurring of the paper-thin line between crusty d-beat and lightning-quick metal has made the band an ideal addition to any punk or metal bill around town for the past few years. Tracks such as the brooding and blasphemous opening track “Hordes,” should spread the word further that Paradox can play one night with Uniform and the next with Hellgoat without redirecting most of the cigarette smokers in the building to the nearest sidewalk.The sizzling orchestra carries the punk in its bide, milling its riffs with the radial miter saw to slice in large widths. The drummer, remarkably muscular of the chopsticks, put all on the effectiveness of his work. G-lord records) 4$

3x PARANOIA - s/t (Flesh ripping fire asylum. No surrender. MTL Destruction. Runstate tapes) 5$

1x PAWNS - GALLOWS CS VERSION (Debut full-length album (originally released as LP on Mass Media) of NYC based anarcho/post-punk outfit embracing the aesthetics and sound of both 80's UK anarchopunk and classic sounding post-punk ala The Mob, Zounds, Sisters of Mercy, Joy Division, Killing Joke etc. Artworks by the singer Gage Allison. Voice from inside tapes) 5$

2x Perspex Flesh - Ordered Image (hardcore punk from UK. Voice from inside tapes) 4$

1х Pok Gai // The Erections splits. (Pogo punk from Canada/Japan. self released) 4$

1x Power - Electric Glitter Boogie CS (proto-punk/garage punk from Australia. Voice from inside tapes) 4$

1x Pøvlacion – 4 Songs Demostracion (hardcore punk from Japan. Necros Records) 5$

1x Prision Postumo – Self Titled (Punk band from Santa Ana, CA. Self released) 4.5$

4х Private Jesus Detector -Live at Vortn' Vis Jeper Belgium March 91 (Belgium legendary dbeat punk. Black Konflik Records) 6$

2х Process - Our future? What future? (UK82/hardcore punk from USA.Voice From Inside Tapes) 4.5$

2x RATAA - Demo 2017 (first demo hardcore punk band from Singapore. Runstate tapes) 4$

1x Rat's Eyes - Vol.3016 cassette (hardcore punk from Moscow/ Russia. Voice from inside tapes) 4$

2х REAKCE NA ZMENU - Tape (Tape record of fucking fast chaotic czech fastcore band with gringing voices totaly smashing raw pissed of production and live total wall of noise and energy dont miss this demo tape Ultima Ratio) 4.2$

3x Red Red Krovvy – 2007 - 2016 Compilation Cassette (hardcore punk from Australia. Tandang records) 4$

1х REMAINS OF THE DAY - An Underlying Frequency MC (dark hardcore band from Portland like Tragedy or From Ashes Rise. members of Hellshock, Bacteria, Warcry... Insane Society rec.) 5$

2x Ripcord - Poetic justice + fast'n'furious + the damage is done. (Hardcore band from Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, UK. Detonation cruster distro) 5$

[NEW] 1x Rotten Ruckus – Social Control (hardcore punk from Malaysia. Basement Records) 3$

2x Ruleta Rusa – Aquí No Es (Punk band from San Francisco, California. Crapoulet Records) 6$

1х Rule of Thirds - s/t CS (post-punk/death rock band from Adelaide, Australia. Voise from inside tapes) 5$

3х SADIST - Blood Song (Dark, chilling, no introduction need for Boston SADIST. This is the "Blood Song" cassette, comes in an all new layout with red insert, ghastly lyrics and sometimes stickers. Runstate tapes) 6$

1x Sardu – Standing at the Precipice (tape+poster) (Black/thrash/metal punk from Canada. Fuck the Mainstream-We’re the Mainstream! Records) 4$

1x Scolding – Cassette 2016 (crust punk from Canada. Sick Scene Productions) 4$

1х Sekkusu – Fukk On Loud Night (the dudes from Detroit/Michigan doing a bastard -mix of `80s Thrashmetal, japanese MetalPunk and Burning Spirits Hardcore. One of the five tracks is an ONSLAUGHT/uk coverversion, ltd. To 100 yellow tapes in clear boxes. Program repeats on both sides, contains two logo stickers. Argh.fuck.kill.) 5$

1x Short Fuse 'So Long' (6 final song from this raw.filthy and negative stomping hc/oi! band from Germany. Pissed off! records) 5$

1х SEE YOU IN HELL - Umět se prodat - tape (First SEE YOU IN HELL LP - 22 mins, 11 brand new songs. Raw and angry hardcore/punk inspirated by japanese hardcore school a bit. Insane Society rec.) 4$

[NEW] 1х Skizophrenia - Single Ticket to Demo-Lition CS (finhardcore/uk82 from Japan. Voice from inside records) 5$

1x Smích Hyen - s/t (emo crust Czech republic. Rauha turva rec) 4,5$

5х NN 073 Ширево – Demo (hardcore punk from Kherson, Ukraine. No name records) 4$

1x NN 029 Spice Grinder - demo tape (grind/noisecore from Kiev/Ukraine. No name records) 4,5$

1x Sotatila '2002-2012' (Finnish punk discography. Brigade records) 4$

1x Svaveldioxid -Ändlös Mardröm (Swedish crust band with ex members of Warvictims, Disfear, Operation and Anger Burning. Hardcore hell records) 4$

4x Syndrome 81 Beton Nostalgie cassette (France’s SYNDROME 81 started gaining momentum in the hardcore-punk scene with their demo, drawing comparisons to the plethora of great bands that defined the French oi! sound of the '80s (Camera SIlens or even Blitz etc ) with a heavy stomp culled from classic USHC. Beton Nostalgie” LP is a collection of songs released on various EP and split records. 18 songs from their Demo, Litovsk split, UVPR compilation song, Desert Urbain, BMAB single serie and Urban Savage split. Bullwhip records) 5$

2х TARANTULA - WEIRD TALES OF RADIATION AND HATE CS VERSION (Chicago based hardcore punk band with 3/4 members of Cülo. Still the same deranged hardcore punk but with a bit slowed down pace (it was hectic and fast in Cülo) and darker guitar undertone. Voice from inside tapes) 5$

1x Thulsa Doom – The P.C. EP (anarcho punk/crust punk from NYC. Doomed records) 4$

1х the DISKONECTED- 4 Song EP + 1 Song (Montreal UK82' the DISKONECTED are back for a few shows, re-releasing this hard to find 7inch on tapes for the occasion. Also contain an unreleased before song. Run state tapes) 4$

1x The Truth - Voices from Past (oldschool hc from Serbia and Croatia. Raufa turva) 4,5$

1х Ursut – Köp Dig Lycklig, tape (d-beat punk/crust core from Sweden. Bullwhip Records) 4$

2x Utanförskapet Vildhjärta cassette. (Swedish brutal dbeat kängpunk. Members from Asocial, Svart Parad and Uncurbed. 9 songs. Originally release on lp by Rawby Records & Fight Back Records. Tight and insane!!! Bullwhip records) 5$

3x Utanförskapet st cassette. (12 songs by Swedish brutal dbeat kängpunk. Members from Asocial, Svart Parad and Uncurbed.Originally release on lp by Konton Crasher Records in 2016.
Bullwhip records) 5$

1x V.A. - Hard-Core Ljubljana (old school comp Slovenia punk. Detonation Crusher Distro) 5$

1x V.A. - No Longer Tears!!! (A1 –Xamorx Breathe In The Edge A2 –Undressed Army Bewaffnet Bis An Die Hardcore-Szene A3 –Deathcycle Punk Is A Joke A4 –Ablärm Ex-Uberflug A5 –RAMBO* Circle That A, Motherfucker A6 –Ataque Periferico* Senador Bagda A7 –The Tangled Lines I Won't Be Hard A8 –Kobayashi (8) Contradiction A9 –Sidetracked Kidding Queers A10 –Police Bastard Mental Slave A11 –Evenworse We Can't Be Friends B1 –The FA Said Blank B2 –Looking For An Answer Curacion Contra Lucro B3 –Max Power (2) Don't Talk To Me B4 –Cave Canem (2) Stendalisiert B5 –All Systems Fail No Government Can Give You Freedom B6 –Habitacion 101* Hiprocresia Subliminal B7 –Pisschrist* Nothing Has Changed. Harakiri records) 4$

[NEW] 3x VAKNA - Sworn of Sorrow EP (Tape) (Second EP from VAKNA, new band hailing from Cipanas, Indonesia. 8 songs of intense mix between hardcore and crustpunk, in the veins of 90's crust bands. Raucous growls, constant beat and straightforward riffs. Doombringer records) 5$

30х NN 127 Varga - Refuse, (tape) (d-beat raw punk from USA. No name records) 4.5$

81x NN 128 Varga - Last Breath ep, (tape) (d-beat raw punk from USA. No name records) 4.5$

3х VIIMEINEN KOLONNA - Aistien Juhlaa - Tape (Tape record of their first full Lp. Totaly great 82 style Finnish hardcore produced by members from bands UUTUUS, AMEN, AGENDA, WASTED & FORCA MACABRA, short, fast and simple but pretty catchy with the sound as Terveet Kädet do in the early years. Two colored sleeve with all graphic, lyric. Ultima Ratio) 4,5$

4x WAR//PLAGUE 'A collection of songs about anger and protest' Pro CS (crust punk from USA. Black Konflik Records) 60 грн

1x Wastoids - 5 More Songs CS (80 hardcore punk/UK 82 from Toronto/Canada. Voice from inside tapes) 4$

1х WILBUR COBB "i eat punks like you for breakfast !" TAPE (Grindcore Hardcore Punk Crust, from Germany. Karatekore records) 4$

2x WILD MOHICANS - EUROPE 2017 CS (Compilation tape that includes songs from the 7", LP and older comp tracks released all together as tour tape when WM toured Europe in Nov 2017. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Wild Mohicans is still one of the most important Portland's bands if you ask me, they sound like GBH put through Poison Idea with some 90s US political hardcore punk feel in few of the songs. Band had it on sale during the tour so now it's available through me as well. Voice from inside tapes) 5$

[NEW] 1x Winds Of Genocide – The Arrival Of Apokalyptic Armageddon (British crust punk band. Doombringer Records) 6$

3x ZOTZ - Vacio Fatal (Mexico ZOTZ are back with this last effort VACIO FATAL. 2 powerful track. Handmade/hand numbered J-CARD + Insert including lyrics. Limited edition of 45 tapes. Runstate tapes) 5$

4х Zudas Krust 'raw hc punx' inferno (Raw crust from Indonesia. Pissed Off Records) 50 грн

1х Партия - Я Не Хочу Воевать! (tape) (crust-grind from Belarus. Enrage records) 4.5$

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