1x 3 way split Iron Fist / Whipstriker / Atomic Road – Metal punks not dead, tape (3 metalpunk/rock-n-roll/thrash bands from USA and Brazil. Motorpunk Recs / Fuck the Mainstream Recs) 4$

1х 4way split - Disleksick / Adolf Shitter / Harsh Supplement / KJP47 – Another 4-Way Split (noise grind split Canada. Supplemental Records & Tapes) 5$

1х NN 105 Abjection - s/t, (tape) (d-beat female fronted from Los Angeles/USA. No name records) 4$

27х NN 120 Aggression - Bite in the future, (tape) (motorcharge punk from Japan. No Name records) 4,5$

37x NN 121 Allergy - Smog, (tape) (hardcore punk/noise punk from Gainesville, Florida, USA. No name records) 4.5$

1х Aspects of War - The Presence of Death EP tape (noise/raw punk в духе Disclose/Discharge!. Voice From Inside Tapes) 5$

[NEW] 1x Asphyxiate - s/t tape (metal punk from Chicago/USA. self released) 4$

2x Autistic Youth 'Nonage' (Portland punk rock fourth album influenced by Wipers,Adolescents or Observes. Exit music) 5$

1х B.E.T.O.E – grupos exterminio, estado asesino (d-beat raw punk Venezuela. Kaos Diystro) 4.3$

2х Black Teeth - Demode Tape (BLACK TEETH is a new band from Mannheim, Germany. On their debut demo tape, they deliver 6 snotty and raw punk tracks with a garage and lo-fi edge. Each song is short, sharp and a fireball of energy. Kink records) 4$

1x Beyond Discription "An Elegy For Depletion" (metal thrash punk from Japan. Bullwhip Records) 5$

1x Bonebreaker - Demos Compilation (thrash metal from Brazil. Polze De La Mort) 4$

{RESTOCK} 3х BOOJI BOYS - s/t LP // Demo 2016 (garage punk from Halifax/USA. Runstate tapes) 5$

21x NN 071 BrainRuin - Інформаційна брехня, (pro-tape) (hardcore punk from Kiev, Ukraine) 4$

3x Burial Ground – Black Metal Speed, (2017) (Blackened one-man speed-/thrash metal act from Russia. Chainsaw Distro) 6$

2х CHILD MEADOW / PIRI REIS Split Cassette (French 90's Emo Hardcore meet Kuala Lumpur Intense Screamo. G-lord records) 4$

1х Combatant - S/t (Ripping hardcore from Maine,US mainly influenced by first two Agnostic Front released and various NYHC 82 era. Pissed off records!) 5$

2х CROCHE - Demo (Punk as fuck. Runstate tapes) 5$

2x Crucial Section – Demo 2017 (hardcore punk from Japan. Crew For Life Records) 5$

1x Cülo - Military Trend CS (hardcore punk from USA. Voice from inside tapes) 4$
51х NN 122 Darmstadt - s/t ep, (tape) (d-beat/hardcore punk from Belgium. No name records) 4.5$

2x Daudyflin - Ofbeldi (Hardcore / punk band from Reykjavík, Iceland. Polze De La Mort) 4,5$

6x Deathfist – Too Hot To Burn, (2017) (Thrash metal band from Germany. Chainsaw Distro) 6$

[NEW] 4x DECADE 'Demo" (6 tracks of skull crushing raw punk insanity featuring ex.ABSOLUT member. Runstate tapes) 5$

1x Derita Terus "Harktuih" demo tape (thrashcore from Malaysia. Tempang Records) 4$

1х NN 115 Disjawn - Social anxiety, tape (d-beat raw punk from USA. No name records) 4$

[NEW] 3x Disturd – Dark (Crust punk band based in Kobe, Hyogo, Japan. Broken Noise Records) 6$

3х NN 098 Dropend - Demonstration 2011, (tape) (Raw d-beat punk from Tokyo/Japan. No name records) 4$

[NEW] 53х NN 123 Dove - Whats to Gain?, (tape) (noise punk from Portland, USA. No name records) 4,5$

[NEW] 2x Doxx - II (Canadian hardcore-punk band from Ottawa, Ontario. Self released) 4$

[NEW] 2x DURS COEURS - Dur Dur Dur (Franco-Ontarian punk rock. Runstate tapes) 4$

1х EASTERN BLOC Demo (6 songs demo (one more than in US version) from new Boston/Chelmsford MA HC punk supergroup. Hardcore Punk, like in 80's when it was no barriers between styles. Members of Social Circkle, Savageheads, 2x4, Dry Hump, Sgt. Slaughter and many more..... Offside records) 4,5$

[NEW] 1x Fall Silent – Six Years In The Desert (2001) (Disfunct hardcore-metal band from Reno, Nevadaю Enigmatic records) 5$

1x FETO - Drunkult Aive (Venom Worship from Brazil. Fuck the Mainstream-We’re the Mainstream! Records) 4$

3x NN 095 Flea Bag - Demo 2015, (tape) (Drunk pogo punk from Halifax, Canada. No name records) 4$

4х FLESH TRADE EP (this is the european release on blue shelled tapes. Flesh Trade is a raw HardcorePunk band based in Los Angeles/USA, with very good lyrics!!! ROHKUNST) 5$

2x Final Slum War – Another Day,Another Struggle (raw d-beat punk from Spain. Lutra Lutra Records) 4$

11x NN 048 Foible Instinct - Age of Machines, pro tape (old school grindcore Kiev,Ukraine. No name records) 3$

2х FRAGMENT - Brainwash Session (Halifax raw punk well done. Runstate tapes) 5$

[NEW] 4x GLORIOUS? - Discography Vol.1 (22 crushing tracks from these raw-punk maniacs from Malmö, Sweden. Include 1 unreleased track. Runstate tapes) 5$

1х Gluerash - UK Tour Tape 2016 (hardcore punk from UK. ES records) 5$

1х HATRED RAID - DEMO TAPE (Ex band Brutal terrorism, Voco Protesta. Limited 100 copies. Broken Noise records) 4$

2х Heat S/T Cassette (Heat’s debut seven-inch is a hellish, whirlwind onslaught of ultracore agony. It would be easy to name check the cult HC groups of yore who make up Heat’s primary influences — Neanderthal, Citizens Arrest, Impact Unit, Crossed Out, etc. — but these San Diego insurgents aren’t content simply paying homage; they’re taking their savage influences and pushing the aural torment into a refreshing, self-stylized direction. Whether full tilt blasting, stomping at a mid-pace, or trudging through a dirge, there’s a natural fluidity and cohesion to Heat’s under-a-minute nuclear reactions that belies the group’s intensity. Simply put, any fan of extreme hardcore will revel in Heat’s burly, mutant approach. Buy it, steal it, hype it, but above all: feel it.” (Colin Tappe). Pissed off! records) 4$

1x Heckler - s/t (2016), CS (d-beat punk/hardcore punk from Switzerland. self release) 5$

2х HELLBURST "demo(n)#1" demotape (a newer threepiece from Bamberg/ Frankonia/Germany playing harsh MetalPunk and they for sure had a listen to Hellhammer/Venom/Slaughter!!!!! Program repeats on both sides of the tape. Every tape comes with a nice screenprinted patch!!! Argh.fuck.kill.) 4$

1х Hez - s/t ("Dark" punk band from Panama. Polze De La Mort) 4$

10х NN 112 Horrid - Black metal crasher crusties, (tape) (crasher crust punk from Canada. No name records) 4$

2x HUMAN DEADENDS: s/t (crust apocalypse from Berlin, Germany. Argh fuckkill rec) 4,5$

3x ICE WAR "battle zone" ep on tape + pin (Metal punk from Canada. New soloproject from Jo Capitalicide, well known from ZEX, IRON DOGS, BASTARDARTOR, GERM ATTAK, SCHIZOPHASIA, BLUE CROSS, etc... Programm repeats on both sides, every tape comes with an nice square pin/button. Argh.fuck.kill.) 5$

[NEW] 1x Indecision – In God We Rust (2000) (Hardcore band from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Shing Records) 8$

[NEW] 4x INEPSY - The Lost Tracks (7 unreleased tracks recorded in 2009. This is the last and final release for INEPSY. Runstate tapes) 8$

1x Ivan crust / Demon 1 (crust punk. Sin front eras records) 4$

1х KÄRZER "Howl EP" (stenchcore/punk from Russia. Headnoise Records) 5$

[NEW] 3x Kontatto - Fino Alla Fine (Pro Cassette) (d-beat punk/hardcore punk from Italy. Sickhead records) 5$

2x Korrosive - Syovytaava (fincore/raw punk from USA like Kaaos / Riistetyt / Appendix / Tampere SS. Voice from inside tapes) 5$

[NEW] 1x Korrupt - s/t (1992) (Germany punk band from Bremen. self released) 5$

12х NN 119 Kontradiksi - Pecahkan telinga, (tape) (raw punk from Indonesia. No name records) 4,5$

[NEW] 4x Knifeman - Özmein (The first album and some old stuff by crust-knights from Kharkiv, Ukraine! SURROGATE Rec.) 4$

1х KUUDES SILMÄ "Diskografia" (post punk from Finland. Headnoise Records) 5$

2х LEBENDEN TOTEN - Static (noise punk from Portland/USA. Runstate tapes) 5$

1х Lebendon Toten 'static' (PDX noise punk. Black konflik records) 7$

2х Los Rezios "Live In Tuzpanpzt Germany 2013" tape (Hardcore punk band from Lima, Peru. Helvetet records) 4$

[NEW] 1x Massacre Divine – Beijando A Morte (Fofäo Discrust (Besthöven) and Jo (Germ Attak and more) has joined forces to deliver a zipping, ripping mess of sound on this 7″. Raw and crunchy guitars, rolling basslines and “sloppy” hammering drums – topped off by roaring reverby vocals in English and Portuguese. Four tracks of raw punk that sounds like a long lost Discharge recording put to tape some time between “Realities of War” and “Fight Back”. Lutra Lutra Records) 4$

[NEW] 2x Methadone Abortion Clinic - Sex, Drugs, and Rotten Holes (goregrind / USA. SURROGATE Rec.) 4$

[NEW] 3x Mob 47 – Sjuk Värld (classic hardcore punk from Sweden. Black Konflik Records) 7$

1х MULE - Fucked Forever (HC punk from Montreal, Canada. Runstate tapes) 4$

[NEW] 1x Negazione – 100% (Italian punk/hardcore band from Torino. Heartcore Records) 5$

2х NIÑOS RATA - Demo (punk rock band from Montreal/Canada. Runstate tapes) 5$

1х Nomad - 自殺 (japanese influenced raw punk, NYC. Voice from inside tapes) 4$

1х NO TIME Promo LP 2016 (oi/streetpunk from Pittsburgh. Offside records) 6$

1x Odio - Un Mondo Libero Dall'Uomo CS (Burning spirit/hardcore punk/d-beat from USA. Voise from inside tapes) 4.5$

3x Odio "un mundo libero dall uomo" (Japan style influenced raw punk from US. Pissed Off Records) 5$

{RESTOCK} 4х OMERTA - Pyromania EP (Crust/Punk from Ottawa, Canada. Runstate tapes) 5$

1x Orden Mundial - s/t CS (raw hardcore punk from Spain. Voice from inside tapes) 4$

24х NN 114 Outcry - EP 2017, (tape) (anarcho punk, UK 82 from Halifax/Canada. No name records) 4$

1х PACK!MAN - CRISIS PUNK TO DEATH TAPE (Furious hc/punk from Sabah! Self released) 4$

1x Pantalla - Realidad Tóxica CS (raw hardcore punk from Spain. Voice from inside tapes) 4$

2х Paradox s/t & Strangulation EP Tape (Paradox’s blurring of the paper-thin line between crusty d-beat and lightning-quick metal has made the band an ideal addition to any punk or metal bill around town for the past few years. Tracks such as the brooding and blasphemous opening track “Hordes,” should spread the word further that Paradox can play one night with Uniform and the next with Hellgoat without redirecting most of the cigarette smokers in the building to the nearest sidewalk.The sizzling orchestra carries the punk in its bide, milling its riffs with the radial miter saw to slice in large widths. The drummer, remarkably muscular of the chopsticks, put all on the effectiveness of his work. G-lord records) 4$

{RESTOCK} 3x PARANOIA - s/t (Flesh ripping fire asylum. No surrender. MTL Destruction. Runstate tapes) 5$

2x Perspex Flesh - Ordered Image (hardcore punk from UK. Voice from inside tapes) 4$

1х NN 088 Pissbath - Demo, (tape) (d-beat/noise punk/female vocals, Nashville /Tennessee/
USA. No name records) 4$

5х NN 116 Physique - I hate it, (tape) (d-beat/noise punk from Olympia/USA. No name records) 4$

2х Pms 84 s/t ep (Portland raw hc/punk. Pissed Off Records) 5$

1х Pok Gai // The Erections splits. (Pogo punk from Canada/Japan. self released) 4$

1x Power - Electric Glitter Boogie CS (proto-punk/garage punk from Australia. Voice from inside tapes) 4$

2х POVLACION-4 SONGS DEMOSTRACION (Raw hardcore punk from Mie City, Japan. War Cloud Records) 4$

1x Pøvlacion – 4 Songs Demostracion (hardcore punk from Japan. Necros Records) 5$

[NEW] 1x Prision Postumo – Self Titled (Punk band from Santa Ana, CA. Self released) 4.5$

2х Process - Our future? What future? (UK82/hardcore punk from USA.Voice From Inside Tapes) 4.5$

{RESTOCK} 2x RATAA - Demo 2017 (first demo hardcore punk band from Singapore. Runstate tapes) 4$

1x Rat's Eyes - Vol.3016 cassette (hardcore punk from Moscow/ Russia. Voice from inside tapes) 4$

[NEW] 4x Red Red Krovvy – 2007 - 2016 Compilation Cassette (hardcore punk from Australia. Tandang records) 4$

{RESTOCK} 4х SADIST - Blood Song (Dark, chilling, no introduction need for Boston SADIST. This is the "Blood Song" cassette, comes in an all new layout with red insert, ghastly lyrics and sometimes stickers. Runstate tapes) 6$

1x Sardu – Standing at the Precipice (tape+poster) (Black/thrash/metal punk from Canada. Fuck the Mainstream-We’re the Mainstream! Records) 4$

[NEW] 1x Scolding – Cassette 2016 (crust punk from Canada. Sick Scene Productions) 4$

2х Sekkusu – Fukk On Loud Night (the dudes from Detroit/Michigan doing a bastard -mix of `80s Thrashmetal, japanese MetalPunk and Burning Spirits Hardcore. One of the five tracks is an ONSLAUGHT/uk coverversion, ltd. To 100 yellow tapes in clear boxes. Program repeats on both sides, contains two logo stickers. Argh.fuck.kill.) 5$

1х SEXFACE - "Village Life" (The tape contain one bonus track from the same session. Raging UK82 punk, for fans of G.B.H. and the like, listen for yourself! Run state tapes) 5$

1x Short Fuse 'So Long' (6 final song from this raw.filthy and negative stomping hc/oi! band from Germany. Pissed off! records) 5$

1х SEE YOU IN HELL - Umět se prodat - tape (First SEE YOU IN HELL LP - 22 mins, 11 brand new songs. Raw and angry hardcore/punk inspirated by japanese hardcore school a bit. Insane Society rec.) 4$

[NEW] 1x SIAL - s/t (Hardcore-punk band from Singapore, Southeast Asia. Oscuridad En Mi Vida) 5$

12х NN 073 Ширево – Demo (hardcore punk from Kherson, Ukraine. No name records) 4$

1х SKYMARS-"Demo 2016"-Cassette (Niigata- City Metalkrusher Hardcore Punk SKYMARS!. 4 new tracks demo on pro printed. Ex-members of A.G.E (Armed Government's Error) and HAKUCHI. Black Konflik records) 5$

[NEW] 1x So Much Hate – Seein' Red (1994) (Hardcore Punk band from Oslo, Norway. Nikt Nic Nie Wie) 5$

2x Sotatila '2002-2012' (Finnish punk discography. Brigade records) 4$

2x Svaveldioxid -Ändlös Mardröm (Swedish crust band with ex members of Warvictims, Disfear, Operation and Anger Burning. Hardcore hell records) 4$

{RESTOCK} 1х Suffer - demo 2017 (hardcore punk from Ukraine. Surrogate records) 4$

1х THAL / HASHISHIAN - Taurean Split Tape (hardcore punk/sludge/ doom /stoner rock from Malaysia. G-lord records) 4$

[NEW] 1x Thulsa Doom – The P.C. EP (anarcho punk/crust punk from NYC. Doomed records) 4$

1х the DISKONECTED- 4 Song EP + 1 Song (Montreal UK82' the DISKONECTED are back for a few shows, re-releasing this hard to find 7inch on tapes for the occasion. Also contain an unreleased before song. Run state tapes) 4$

[NEW] 1x The Horsebreaker / Numero Nero - Nutbuster (Split) [tape] (H. - hardcore punk from Kiev. NN - skate punk from Zaporizhia. SURROGATE Rec.) 4$

1х Ursut – Köp Dig Lycklig, tape (d-beat punk/crust core from Sweden. Bullwhip Records) 4$

2х V.A. - "HEADNOISE HARDCORE" (Tape compilation “Headnoise Hardcore” with the bands, which were released by us earlier, and which are planned to be released in future. 15 bands from different countries will tear your ears with absolutely new hits as well as with proven hardcore-bombs! 25 songs, 65 minutes of total crust-metal-punk madness! Headnoise Records) 5$

[NEW] 1x V.A. – Still From The Heart - Compilation (1998) (Folk Rock, Hardcore, Punk, Oi from all word! Rock'N'Roller) 5$

[NEW] 1x V.A. - Why Does It Have To Sound Like Shit? (Crust/ grind/ punk comp.  Warning Label Distro) 5$

4x NN 107 Videodrome - demo, (tape) (a mix of pure hardcore and violent noise punk. Crushing riffs and pounding drums delivered by four of Denver resident freaks. Following the total sensory assault that is VIDEODROME, the human mind is only capable of one singular conclusion.... Long live the new flesh. USA pure hardcore. No name records) 4$

[NEW] 4x WAR//PLAGUE 'A collection of songs about anger and protest' Pro CS (crust punk from USA. Black Konflik Records) 60 грн

1x Warthog / Dinozauras – split (2017) (grindcore from Russia/Groovy, Doomed Goregrind from Vilnius, Lithuania. No Bread! records) 5$

1x Wastoids - 5 More Songs CS (80 hardcore punk/UK 82 from Toronto/Canada. Voice from inside tapes) 4$

[NEW] 4x ZOTZ - Vacio Fatal (Mexico ZOTZ are back with this last effort VACIO FATAL. 2 powerful track. Handmade/hand numbered J-CARD + Insert including lyrics. Limited edition of 45 tapes. Runstate tapes) 5$

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