1х 24 REASONS - why they're starving, while other gain billions 96 TAPE (hardcore\punk Malaysia. Basement records) 4$

1x 3way split - CROSS/KRIEGG/HELLRIPE (tape) (blackened metal punk bands across the globe. Contaminated Tones Productions) 5$

1x 3 way split Iron Fist / Whipstriker / Atomic Road – Metal punks not dead, tape (3 metalpunk/rock-n-roll/thrash bands from USA and Brazil. Motorpunk Recs / Fuck the Mainstream Recs) 4$

2х NN 105 Abjection - s/t, (tape) (d-beat female fronted from Los Angeles/USA. No name records) 4$

2x ACCUSATIONS - you tell lies (TAPE) (Punk 77/Punk from Turkey. Fuck the Mainstream-We’re the Mainstream! Records) 4$

1х AFTER THE BOMBS - Complete Discography 2004-2008 (Montreal stench hero are back one last time with a complete discography. This is everything they ever recorded from 2004 to 2008, a must for any ATB fan. AARRGGGHHH! Runstate tapes) 5$

3x NN 087 Allergy - Peace Fuckers, (tape) (hardcore punk/noise punk from Gainesville, Florida, USA. No name records) 4$

2х ALIOTH/ALIENACJA-Split MC (Alioth-noise punk, Alienacja-grinding crust. Two bands from Poland. Trujaca Fala) 3$

1x Arma / Missão Metálica - The Devils Eyes (Punk/Black Metal & True Heavy Metal. Depressive illusions records) 2$

1x A New Scar – Zero Tecnica Solo Impatto (hardcore punk from Italy. Scaglie Di Rumore) 4$

2x A New Scar & Warfare – Split Tape (hardcore punk from Italy. Scaglie Di Rumore) 4$

2x Atomic Death/Iron Tooth split tape (Metal punk split from Malaysia and Indonesia. Doombringer records) 4$

1х Avaricious - Sid Vicious Ws Not So Avaricious (One-off international old school anarcho punk project with members from Greece, England and Switzerland. 80's passion of DIRT, Crass, Alternative and the likes, initially captured on vinyl in '99 and reissued officially on cassette 15 years later. Black Chicken tapes) 3$

1x BALLAST-Fuse MC (mix of peace punk roots with crusty punk harshness, emotions, hooks and strong female/male vocals from Canada. Trujaca Fala) 4$

1x BirdBrain- Demos for Survival, 2 tapes (Hardcore punk from USA. HFI records) 6$

2х Black Teeth - Demode Tape (BLACK TEETH is a new band from Mannheim, Germany. On their debut demo tape, they deliver 6 snotty and raw punk tracks with a garage and lo-fi edge. Each song is short, sharp and a fireball of energy. Kink records) 4$

1x BLOCKHEADS - DEMO 2015 (raw hardcore punk from Canada. Slow death records) 4$

2x BOHR - S/T TAPE (This debut cassette tape by BOHR is as harsh, heavy and mean but comes with that melodic sludge brought out full thrust by a trio of meticulous sound nerds from Kuala Lumpur. Two impressive tracks goes with the low strings banging on the metallic hammering rhythm of smoggy bass lines melting in a warm and fuzzy way. Nothing to flashy, just delightful heavy riffing composed in a thrilling atmospheric manner. Tandang records) 4$

2х Bomb hoarder - 6 song tape (d-beat/hardcore punk, Texas, USA. self released) 4$

2х Bombhoarder/Discobra - split tape (d-beat from Hungary/USA. self released) 4$

2x Bonehunter – Sex & Necromancy (tape + poster) (metal punk from Finland. Fuck the Mainstream – We’re the Mainstream! Records) 4$

2x BORN DEAD ICONS-Ruins MC (metal punk like mix of Amebix/Motorhead from Canada. Trujaca Fala) 4$

37x NN 071 BrainRuin - Інформаційна брехня, (pro-tape) (hardcore punk from Kiev, Ukraine) 4$

1х BULLETPROOF/CHAKA 'MASSGRAVE SPLIT' CASSETTE (Bullet proof crust punk band from Indonesia meet D-beat raw punk band Chaka from Brazil/Belgium.21 songs in this split cassette with 7 tracks from Bullet Proof and 14 tracks from Chaka,including 2 cover songs from Discharge and Anti Cimex. Sukma records) 4$

1x Chaos Destroy/Nö Pöwer – Splitting Noise - split tape (A release that's been kicked around for the last two years has finally reached fruition. While a little bit different stylistically, both bands share a knack for savage sonic destruction, and this split tape captures that perfectly. No Power turns in 5 tracks of noisy, Discharge/Totalitar influenced hardcore. These songs were recorded in the same session as 2013's "No Peace" LP that Sorry State released, and didn't quite make the cut. These aren't throw away tracks though, and in listening to them now, I feel are just as strong as any of the LP tracks. Chaos Destroy, on the flip side turns in 5 tracks of bouncy, psyched out noisecore. Their affinity for bands like Swanky's and Confuse is still apparent, but with some of these tracks, they really branch out with some great bass driven tunes that reach an almost dreamy, psychedelic climax. Chaos Destroy is still absolutely killing it. Vile Audio Label) 5$

1х Children of technology 'it' time to face the doomsday (metal crust punk from Italy. Sukma records) 5$

х Children of technology -'future decay' (metal crust punk from Italy. Sukma records) 5$

1x Cinderblock- S/t (tape) (Streetpunk/UK82 band from Boston, Massachusetts/USAю Pissed off records) 5$

1х COMPACT CLUB - SHINE OUT MUSIQUE TAPE (1st cassette release by this amazingly talented band from Tokyo. I've been a huge fan of this band since they began in 2012 and also of the previous bands that members have inhabited (ELEKIDZ, OMIT VOMIT, RANGE & THE DIRTY HOSPITAL and more). They have a unique and imaginitive style of retro-new wave / post-punk that i love! C-side Records) 5$

1х CRIATURAS - LA OSCURIAD CONTINUA TAPE (CRIATURAS hails from Austin, TX, with members of other great local punk acts such as Deskonocidos and Vaaska,Impalers and Kurakka and ex-members of bands like Severed Head Of State and Signal Lost. Their music can be described as a mix between Discharge and Paralisis Permanente with traces of GISM, Motorhead or Ultimo Resorte, combining the rawness and aggression with some darkish melodic touch. Sickhead records) 4$

2х CROCHE - Demo (Punk as fuck. Runstate tapes) 5$

2х CRUTCH - s / t 2016 (usa powerviolence. TYRANNY GRINDER PRODUCTION) 4$

5х CRUTCHES-Lurad Cassette (This casssette made special for their tour in South East Asia. Contains new tracks from Lurad LP plus D-beat Tsunami EP and Demos. D-beat raw punk, Sweden. Pissed off/Bullwhip rec.) 4$

1х Daily Dose Of Discomfort - Omitted [tape] (metal/chaotic hardcore from Irkutsk, Russia. Surrogate records) 3,5$

1x DANGER - "Demo 2012". (Unreleased before due to early band breakup, this Montreal band featured. Member & ex-members of After The Bombs, Peligro Social, Skull N Bones, Proxy, Sexface, The Diskonected, Pura Mania etc etc.. Run State tapes) 5$

10x NN 054 Dan Stark - Тьма в конце туннеля (2014) (black metal punk from Chernihiv, Ukraine. No name records/.aorta records) 4$

4х NN 078 Dan Stark/Foible Instinct - split tape, (pro-tape) (DS - hardcore punk/powerviolance. FI - old school grindcore. Two band from Ukraine) 4$

1х DERELYCTION - SURROUNDED BY DEATH TAPE (Metal/Crust/Punk from Gießen Germany! Disco destroyers music) 4$

1x DISCLAIM - Molotov Moshers (TAPE incl. patch) (metal punk from Germany. Fuck the Mainstream-We’re the Mainstream! Records) 4$

2х DISCUM "5 track demo" (one man band d-beat crust punk from Mexico. TYRANNY GRINDER PRODUCTION) 4$

3х NN 097 Disjawn - Smoke Loud, Play Loud, (tape) (d-beat punk Philadelphia/USA. No name records) 4$

4х NN 101 Disjawn - Punx smoking loud kush, (tape) (d-beat punk from Philadelphia, USA. No name records) 4$

2x DISORDER 'Live in SNEEK 2014' Pro Cassette ( w/sticker ) (Bristol king of Punk is back! , 90 minutes professional cassette live in Sneek, DE Het Boelwerk, Poppodium, Holland 2014. All tracks originally mastering and self arrangement by Taf. Nice cut and paste artwork done by A'i Warcloud. Total Chaos and Disorder! Black Konflik) 5$

3х DISPAIR- LIVE AMMUNITION TAPE (12 hits recorded live at REKISTERI on 6th Frebruary 2015. Discos Desorden) 4$

1х Distaste '6 track demo' (d-beat crust from Malaysia. Crysis Records) 4$

1x DOXX - demo (hardcore punk from Canada. Self released) 4$

1х DRIP - Discography (d-beat punk from Montreal/Canad. Runstate tapes) 5$

10х NN 098 Dropend - Demonstration 2011, (tape) (Raw d-beat punk from Tokyo/Japan. No name records) 4$

3х NN 085 DUSTBIN - GARBAGE NOIZE DEMO, (tape) (noisecore/noise punk like Dust noise/Gai/Confuse from Halifax, Canada. No name records) 4$

1х ECONOCHRIST-Discography 2MC (Double tape with everything this great US band ever did (Ruination LP, Trained To Serve LP, Skewed 7", Another Victim 7", It Runs Deep 7", split 7” with Detonators and compilation tracks).Harsh, fast, distrorted hardcorepunk full of passion and anger - you can put them in the same box as Born Against and Rorschach. Trujaca Fala) 7$

2х EVIL-XII-XX MC (heavy and powerful metallic punk with some grindcore parts from Poland. Trujaca Fala) 4$

1х FAZE - s/t Demo (HC punk band from Montreal. Runstate tapes) 5$

1x FETO - Drunkult Aive (Venom Worship from Brazil. Fuck the Mainstream-We’re the Mainstream! Records) 4$

13x NN 095 Flea Bag - Demo 2015, (tape) (Drunk pogo punk from Halifax, Canada. No name records) 4$

25x NN 048 Foible Instinct - Age of Machines, pro tape (old school grindcore Kiev,Ukraine. No name records) 3$

3х FRAGMENT - Brainwash Session (Halifax raw punk well done. Runstate tapes) 5$

1х NN 099 Franky - Noise & Melody, (tape) (noise punk from Portland/USA. No name records) 4$

1х FUCK SS - DEMO TAPE (Yet another 7 track demo (it's been scientifically proven to be the exact perfect number of songs for a demo), this time from FUCK SS who hail from Philadelphia, USA. 'Nil point' for the wank band name but maximum points for punkness! This is a total smasher...hardcore punk with a noisecore undertone, excellent vocals that remind me of Becky Bondage when she sang with CHAOTIC DISCORD (if she was American of course). Necros records) 4$

1х NN 091 Fundamental - Demo, (tape) (Los Angeles Hardcore Noise Punk. No name records) 4$

1х FZ-10 “kaötika existencia demo” CASSETE (d-beat/ raw punk from Mexico. Discos enfermos) 4$

[NEW] 3х Glorious? - Furious Käng Punk Attack demo (raw punk from Sweden. Headnoise Records) 5$

1х Gluerash - UK Tour Tape 2016 (hardcore punk from UK. ES records) 5$

2х Gross - All in One CS (raw hardcore, USA. Televised Suicide) 4$

1х Gymnastic Skull Whistling - Play Fast or Dont (Demo) (fastcore powerviolence Malaysia. Cactus Records) 3$

[NEW] 2х HALSHUG "Sort Sind" (hardcore punk from Denmark. Headnoise Records) 5$

1х HATRED RAID - DEMO TAPE (Ex band Brutal terrorism, Voco Protesta. Limited 100 copies. Broken Noise records) 4$

17х NN 111 Headsplitters - Unjust cycle demo, (tape) (Hardcore punk/d-beat from Brooklyn/USA. No name records) 4$

1х HELLISHEAVEN 'BRINGING DEATH TO SERVANTS OF CAPITALISM' CASSETTE (Crust/Death metal from Poland. This tape contains 8 tracks taken from 4 way split LP, split with Creeping Corrupt and unreleased track. Sukma records) 4$

2х HELLBURST "demo(n)#1" demotape (a newer threepiece from Bamberg/ Frankonia/Germany playing harsh MetalPunk and they for sure had a listen to Hellhammer/Venom/Slaughter!!!!! Program repeats on both sides of the tape. Every tape comes with a nice screenprinted patch!!! Argh.fuck.kill.) 4$

1x HEKSA - s/t (TAPE) (Melodic hardcore punk, all girl band from Spain. Fuck the Mainstream-We’re the Mainstream! Records) 4$

2x NN 040 Herida Profunda - s/t, (pro tape) (Crust-grind from Poland. No name records) 3$

1x HARUM SCARUM-The Last Light MC (crust/anarcho punk all female band from Portland, USA. Trujaca Fala) 4$

2x HUMAN DEADENDS: s/t (crust apocalypse from Berlin, Germany. Argh fuckkill rec) 4,5$

1x ICE WAR "battle zone" ep on tape + pin (Metal punk from Canada. New soloproject from Jo Capitalicide, well known from ZEX, IRON DOGS, BASTARDARTOR, GERM ATTAK, SCHIZOPHASIA, BLUE CROSS, etc... Programm repeats on both sides, every tape comes with an nice square pin/button. Argh.fuck.kill.) 5$

1x INFEKCJA-Każdy Robotnik MC (First demo of this Polish band. Fast and angry scandipunk, powerful and rough. Trujaca Fala) 4$

2х INFEKCJA-Przegrani... MC (Raw and raging punk core with great guitar melodies, angry screaming vocals and a bit scandinavian influence. Poland. Trujaca Fala) 4$

1х NN 108 Inmoh - demo, (tape) (young hardcore punk band from Japan. first demo, 3 songs. No name records) 4$

2х INTENSITY-The Ruins of Our Future MC (powerfull and energetic old school but crusty hardcore. Trujaca Fala) 4$

1x INSUICIETY-Believe and Die MC (6 songs of dark and heavy, slow sludge hardcore from Berlin with female vocal and Eye Hate God influences. Powerful and intense sound, great gloomy artwork. Trujaca Fala) 4$

2х Jack – Neurozis (Grinding crustcore band from Hungary. Extreme Terror Production) 4$

[NEW] 3x Janpalach - Sensation [tape] (post-hardcore/screamo from Odessa, Ukraine. Surrogate records) 4$

1х JOHN MAC BAREN "demo" cassette (fast hardcore band. self released) 4$

1х JUGGLING JUGULARS - I KNOW WHERE I STAND TAPE (While Finnish metal bands have a huge following abroad, punk has also produced its own fair share of international cult acts over the last several decades. We can see Kaaos, Appendix, Lama, Terveet Kädet, Riistetyt, Lapinpolthajat, Pää Kii, and so many to mention here. Not to forget Juggling Jugulars as well. Crysis records) 5$

[NEW] 2х KÄRZER "Howl EP" (stenchcore/punk from Russia. Headnoise Records) 5$

1х Keltolaki 'vapauden illuusio' (Finnish japcore style hardcore punk. Crysis Records) 4$

[NEW] 2х Kohti Tuhoa "Rutiinin Orja" (raw hardcore punk from Finland. Headnoise Records) 5$

3х NN 074 Koszmar - Nuklearna Supremacja, (tape) (d-beat/hardcore punk from Vancouver, Canada. No name records) 4$

1х KONTROVERS-Nar Spelreglerna Andras MC (fast and crusty swedish hardcore with strong female/male vocals. Trujaca Fala) 4$

1х KONTROVERS-s/t MC (harsh and crusty swedish in your face hardcore. Trujaca Fala) 4$

[NEW] 3х KUUDES SILMÄ "Diskografia" (post punk from Finland. Headnoise Records) 5$

1х LA FRACTION-s/t MC (First full length LP and the “Zapatista” 7”. Now this record is already a classic. Energetic, melodic french punk from Paris with powerful female vocal. Trujaca Fala) 4$

1x LASTRIPAS - Mañana sedra muy tarde. Ep tape 2015 (Farewell cassette first anarchist band d-beat crust of eastern Venezuela. Kaos Diystro records) 4$

2х langgarlari/terlarang (malaysian thrashcore split. Tempang records) 4$

2х Los Rezios "Live In Tuzpanpzt Germany 2013" tape (Hardcore punk band from Lima, Peru. Helvetet records) 4$

1x LUSTKRIEG - Demonstration Kollection CS (Black Thrash/Punk from USA. Fuck the Mainstream-We’re the Mainstream! Records) 4$

1х MAR DE RABIA - La destrucción inminente . Tape E.p 2016. + patch (This is the new project with members of the legendary band DOÑA MALDAD, 6 songs, Hard Core Crust, aggressive music, rebellious lyrics. against the military dictatorship and ruthless capitalism, from Maracaibo. Venezuela. limited edition of 50 cassettes. It includes a patch. Kaos Diystro records) 4$

1x Masspollution - Nuclear Night Over North Europe Tour 2016 (raw d-beat punk from Minsk/Berarus. Vomit label) 4$

1х Masspollution - Nuclear Night CS (crashercrust/raw punk from Belarus. Voice from inside tapes) 4$

1x MEDIEVAL ART – B-Side (Raw Black Metal from France. Depressive illusions records) 2$

1x MÖNSTER-Death Before Disorder MC (motorpunk/d-beat rock'n'roll from Germany. Trujaca Fala) 4$

1x MONSTER-Arms MC (motorpunk/d-beat rock'n'roll from Germany. Trujaca Fala) 4$

1х MORKHIMMEL - demo tape (d-beat metal punk, Czech Republic. aback distro records) 3$

2х MULE - Fucked Forever (HC punk from Montreal, Canada. Runstate tapes) 4$

1х MUSHROOM ATTACK-Discography MC (This was people from Fleas and Lice previous band. Tracks from their both split LPs (with Disorder and Forgotten Prophecy) are here. Trujaca Fala) 4$

2х NAPALM RAID - Storm (Canadian Crust Master. Runstate tapes) 5$

1х Olvido - Demo plus 1 (Top notch riot grrrl poppy punk from Mexico City. This is their amazing demo plus a brilliant cover of Julie Ruin's 'The Punk Singer'. This reminds me of the good old days when Kill Rock Stars and K Records consistently released great records in the 90's. Richter Scale Records) 4$

1х OPUS DAY - st (equedor crust hardcore. TYRANNY GRINDER PRODUCTION) 4$

1х OMERTA - Pyromania EP (Crust/Punk from Ottawa, Canada. Runstate tapes) 5$

1х OSTAVKA - demo CS + pin (cold wave punk France. Self released) 5$

15х NN 110 Outcry - demo 2016, (tape) (uk82/anarcho-punk with female vocal from Canada. No Name records) 4$

1х PACK!MAN - CRISIS PUNK TO DEATH TAPE (Furious hc/punk from Sabah! Self released) 4$

[NEW] 2х Padagra - Rostov Rotting Gore (gore grind from Russia. Surrogate records) 4$

1x PARANOIA - s/t (Flesh ripping fire asylum. No surrender. MTL Destruction. Runstate tapes) 5$

52х NN102 Paranoid - Punkdemonium hell (tape) (d-beat raw punk from Sweden. No name records) 4$

2х 偏執症者 (Paranoid) Punkdemonium Hell & Destroy Future Less System cassette (A swedish hardcore-raw-punk-metal band from Frösön, formed in 2012. The foundation is in Disclose-inspired noise blended with Venom-styled black metal. A destructive vortex of violently roating northern winds of head banging chaos and pure d-beat fury. Bullwhip records) 5$

3x 偏執症者 (Paranoid) / Absolut - Jawbearking Mangel Devastation (raw d-beat punk from Sweden/Canada. Voice from inside tapes) 4$

1х PARALYZED SOCIETY/SHUTDOWN split tape (Grind core/Power violence Holland/Usa. Grind father prod./Extreme terror prod./Rotten gorol/Dropout records) 4$

2х PEDESTRIANS-Ideal Divide MC (Aggressive, straight forward punk rock from Chicago with a solid rhythmic foundation and lots of melodic guitar parts and catchy vocal. Their roots are deep into early 80's american hardcorepunk, epecially early SST stuff like Descendants or more melodic Black Flag songs. In April 2007 they will come to tour Europe. In beggining of the year we prepare in colaboration with Contamination Distribution european release of their new LP, and also tape with tracks from 2 LPs and 7". Trujaca Fala) 4$

2x PHANTASMAL - THE REAPER'S FORGE CASSETTE + patch (This American duo mixing their unique on Heavy Metal, the aggression on Thrash Metal and the vitriol of Black Metal to create what the band calls 'White Hot Black Metal Screaming Straight For Your Neck'. Including 2 new evil, dark and destructive bonus tracks. Hellforced records) 5$

10х NN 088 Pissbath - Demo, (tape) (d-beat/noise punk/female vocals, Nashville/Tennessee/USA. No name records) 4$

3x NN 090 Pissbath - Demo II, (tape) (d-beat/noise punk/female vocals, Nashville/ Tennessee/ USA. No name records) 4$

2х PMMA - DRAW THE LINE CASSETTE EP (Special west coast tour edition cassette EP. This is the European version on blue shells. There will be another version available on their tour but this is for peeps who wont be lucky enough to see them in the flesh. 4 brand new synth driven, psyched out songs from this unique and wonderful band. Imminent Destruction Records.) 5$

1х Pok Gai // The Erections splits. (Pogo punk from Canada/Japan. self released) 4$

2х Population:Zero - The Null[-tape] (hardcore pubk from Kiev. Surrogare Rec.) 4$

1х PornoPetrosjan / KYST - FASTFOOD SPLIT (PP - experimental grind from Ukraine. K - raw grindcore from France. Warmshelf records) 4$

1x PRIMITIVE “Cada dia….” (Raw Black Metal from Brazil. Depressive illusions records) 2$

4x PROGRAM-DEMO TAPE (A BAND FROM Deep South Texas/Mexico border members of PORKERIA, FÖRFALL, ATAQUE DE RABIA.... Discos Desorden) 4$

1х Proletariart - discography (Japanese raw noise hc punx. SickHead records) 4$

2х Polis-Ackel – Worldwide Death Culture Demo Tape (1st demo from Italian Raw Punks POLIS-ÄCKEL. 10 tracks of distorted D-Beat Hardcore with anarchist lyrics. Absolute power and rage, voicing their hatred and anger against today's fucked system. Musically, somewhere between DISCLOSE and FRAMTID but with a heavy Scandi influence (the bands name means 'Disgust for Police' in Swedish) as shown by their cover of ANTI-CIMEX 'War Machine'. IMMINENT DESTRUCTION RECORDS) 4$

2х POVLACION-4 SONGS DEMOSTRACION (Raw hardcore punk from Mie City, Japan. War Cloud Records) 4$

1x RUDE PRIDE - be true to yourself + EP (TAPE + beermat) (Classic Oi! from Germany. Fuck the Mainstream-We’re the Mainstream! Records) 5$

2x Sardu – Standing at the Precipice (tape+poster) (Black/thrash/metal punk from Canada. Fuck the Mainstream-We’re the Mainstream! Records) 4$

1х Scythe Demo Cassette (New band from the Bay area playing gruff hardcore-punk. Scythe's sound is something like the grim vocals of Tranquilizer with the stompy corroded sound of United Mutation. Dark Raids) 4$

1x SEGREGATES - bullshit in bilston (live) (TAPE) (motor punk from UK. Fuck the Mainstream-We’re the Mainstream! Records) 3,5$

1х Sex Dwarf - Demo CS (raw d-beat punk from Sweden. Voice from inside tapes) 4$

1х SEXFACE - "Village Life" (The tape contain one bonus track from the same session. Raging UK82 punk, for fans of G.B.H. and the like, listen for yourself! Run state tapes) 5$

2х SKEW WHIFF-Taedium Vitae MC (Liege, Belgium and 2 ex-Hiatus members (guitar player and vocalist) + american import, ex-Medication Time drummer. Monumental, crusty metallic hardcore like mix of Hiatus, Concrete Sox and Accused. Trujaca Fala) 4$

2x Skruta/Internal Damage split tape (grindcore from Ukraine/Russia. Trismus records) 4$

1х SUICIDE BLITZ-Ride the steel MC ("All star band" from Sweden/Germany/USA with ex members of DS13, Resist, Wolfbrigade, Bruce Banner, Imperial Leather, Deestation. Punk/Pogo punk. Trujaca Fala) 4$

1х SENSE OF CRISIS / CLAYRAYANT live split and destroy! (SOC from Pahang playing raw crust punk while Clayrayant from Sabah come with energy d-beat raw punk style.3 songs each band. Exit music) 4$

1х SEE YOU IN HELL - Umět se prodat - tape (First SEE YOU IN HELL LP - 22 mins, 11 brand new songs. Raw and angry hardcore/punk inspirated by japanese hardcore school a bit. Insane Society rec.) 4$

24х NN 073 Ширево – Demo (hardcore punk from Kherson, Ukraine. No name records) 4$

1х SKYMARS-"Demo 2016"-Cassette (Niigata- City Metalkrusher Hardcore Punk SKYMARS!. 4 new tracks demo on pro printed. Ex-members of A.G.E (Armed Government's Error) and HAKUCHI. Black Konflik records) 5$

2х Slaktattack-2006-2013 discoghraphy (swedish dbeat/crust punk. Tampang records) 4$

1х Shitty Friends - Crime Line Cassette (HARDCORE PUNK FROM USA. Richter Scale Records) 4$

1x Split Viens "S/T" - Cassette Tapes (Debut album members of NAILBITER picking up where they left their previous band. 8 Distorted hardcore punk tracks with lots of delay which takes BOTH the golden era of Japanese and Sweden hardcore as template. One of the best London releases in a long time. Sickhead records) 4$

[NEW] 4x Suffer - demo 2017 (hardcore punk from Ukraine. Surrogate records) 4$

17х NN 106 SSyndron - HISTORY HYSTERIA, (tape) (d-beat/raw punk from California/USA. No name records) 4$

24х NN 109 Tortur - demo 2016, (tape) (raw d-beat punk from LA/USA. No name records) 4$

2x Traumatic Brain Injury / Corpseincinerating Furmace — Morgue Maestros (Split) [tape] (TBI - gore grind from Brazil, CF - harshnoise from Latvia. SURROGATE Rec.) 4$

1х TxRxLx - totally rude losers (usa thrashcore/powerviolence. TYRANNY GRINDER PRODUCTION) 3$

3x xtolakkokx​-​undone (fastcore/crossover from Malaysia. Tempang records) 4$

3x TUMULO / ARMA - split (Punkish and Trashing Black Metal from Brazil. Depressive illusions records) 2$

1x THE CLOCKWORK CREW - what about us (TAPE) (Oi! from Sweden. Fuck the Mainstream-We’re the Mainstream! Records) 4$

1х the DISKONECTED- 4 Song EP + 1 Song (Montreal UK82' the DISKONECTED are back for a few shows, re-releasing this hard to find 7inch on tapes for the occasion. Also contain an unreleased before song. Run state tapes) 4$

4х NN 104 The Vitamens - S/T (punk with female vocal from Kansas City, USA. No Name records) 4$

3х ULTIMO IMPERIO “demo” CASSETE (Demo debut of this band from Ciudad De Mexico with 9 songs of raw punk melodies infused with OI! and UK punk sound but giving a personal touch. Some dark aftertaste and female voice full of echoing and effects. CRIME, ZOTZ ,MALCRIA, MUJERCITOS people stuck in it for those who care about. Silkscreened cover and insert with lyrics. Printed transparent cassette. Discos Enfermos) 4$

2х ULTRARAT - Demo (Punk Punk Punk. Runstate tapes) 5$

1х UNEQUAL REALITY / ADA LOVE EXISTENCE 2013 CASSETTE (Both from Japan! UNEQUAL REALITY playing an angry Hardcore Crust while ADA playing an anarcho Hardcorepunk with F / Male fronted on vox!. Great band with good new recording tracks. Black konflik records) 4$

[NEW] 2х V.A. - "HEADNOISE HARDCORE" (Tape compilation “Headnoise Hardcore” with the bands, which were released by us earlier, and which are planned to be released in future. 15 bands from different countries will tear your ears with absolutely new hits as well as with proven hardcore-bombs! 25 songs, 65 minutes of total crust-metal-punk madness! Headnoise Records) 5$

2х V/A WILD & CRAZY NOISE MERCHANTS -THE WORST OF THE 1 IN 12 CLUB vol. 9/10 MC (Again two LPs on one tape and booklet. A bit older recordings to name Active Minds, Chumbawamba, Paradox U.K., Indian Dream, Trottel or Pink Turds in Space. Trujaca Fala) 4$

2x NN 103 Vägra - Demo 2016, tape (d- beat/käng from Florida/USA. No name records) 4$

[NEW] 2х VASTUSTA "Demos 2014 - 2015" CS (Fucking pummeling hardcore, faithful to Finnish hardcore tradition. Razor sharp guitar, tumbling bass, shredding drum fills, and commanding screams in Finnish - fucking perfect. All the elements of classics like BASTARDS and MELLAKKA, with fresh anger and relevant for today. Both demos in one pack! Originally released as the S/T demo tape (2015) and the Kohti Lohdutonta Huomista tape (2016). Headnoise Records) 5$

27x NN 107 Videodrome - demo, (tape) (a mix of pure hardcore and violent noise punk. Crushing riffs and pounding drums delivered by four of Denver resident freaks. Following the total sensory assault that is VIDEODROME, the human mind is only capable of one singular conclusion.... Long live the new flesh. USA pure hardcore. No name records) 4$

2х VIOLENCE “complete control demo” CASSETE (Demo debut of this band based in Oakland (California ); Catchy bass heavy primitive pogo with no guitar. That is how their define their sound. Female punk quartet without guitar , without men, without shits and two bass with a dark sound , raw, primitive and pogueable . After hearing is impossible not to hear non-stop. Good lines of distorted bass with mid-tempo but intense sound and echoes in the voices of Amelia (Ex-Cervix). Recording repeats in both sides, one printed and other with sticker, inset with lyrics about dominance, anarchy, female power… Discos Enfermos) 4$

4х VOIDFILLER S/T TAPE (Voidfiller play a metallic dbeat crust that is catchy as all fucking hell. Debut album from the international dbeat/crust band including members from bands like Visions Of War, 3 Way Cum, Crutches, Lautstrummer etc. Bull whip records) 4$

7x NN 058 Warthreat - demo, tape (d-beat noise punk from Australia. No name records) 4$

1х wickedflesh - synonymous, cs (math grind from Indonesia. Unleash records) 4$

1x WOUND CULTURE - DEMO TAPE (Wound Culture is an Australian based band who formed in early 2016, from the looks of things. Wound Culture play a caustic, abrasive, and volatile style of music that incorporates elements of hardcore, punk, grindcore, and powerviolence within their sound. Televised Suicide records) 4$

[NEW] 4х Zombies Eat My Neighbours - Self-titled [tape] (2 album on 1 tape! Grindcore from Ukraine. Surrogate records) 5$

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