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среда, 3 сентября 2014 г.



2х CRIMINAL TANGO - W granicach rozsądku LP (Punk-Rock, Rockabilly. No Pasaran) 11$

1х DIE LAST - MARZENIA ZDESPEROWANYCH ROMANTYKÓW LP (emotional hardcore punk from Gdańsk, Poland from Gdańsk, Poland. 83 Records / No Pasaran) 10$

1х Die Last - Medecine, 12" (2013) (emotional hardcore punk from Gdańsk, Poland. 83 Records / No Pasaran) 10$


2x DELICJE - s/t (CD digipack) (hardcore punk/anarcho punk Poland. No Pasaran) 4$

2x DIE LAST - OSTATNI (CD digipack) (emotional hardcore punk from Gdańsk, Poland from Gdańsk, Poland. No Pasaran) 4$

вторник, 19 августа 2014 г.

NEW!!! NEW!!! NEW!!!


1х INU / CATHOLIC GUILT - Degraded Cobardes split LP (INU - burning spirits, Spain/ Catholic Guilt - hardcore punk, Austria) 12$

1х Rivers run dry/Tyrannicide Split LP (RRD - neocrust from Budapest, Hungary, T - hardcore punk from Amsterdam, Netherland) 12$


1x Perek Kasi Gerek - cynically fast runaway(CD) (Thrash from Kratom City *Kedah, Malaysia. Self release) 4$

1х REPULSIONE: Discography 2005-2011. CD (old-school classic grindcore, Italy. Doombringer Records/Audio Lesion Records/Ckpyngidea Records /Bebal Mailorder) 5$

1x Street Boundaries - we are the revolution (CD) (Malaysia Finest Anti-Fascists Oi! Punk H/c band. Self release) 4$

1x The Bollocks - Revival (CD) (Legendary Old Malaysian Punks band. Basement records) 4$

1x CHAPPA'AI/UNADULTERATED PARASITES split pro-CDr (noisecore/grindcore Malaysia. Happy happy noise noise and other) 2$

2х FACAN: Temnota Pohlty Te (pro-CDr) (crustcore from Czech Republic. self released) 3$

1x Psycho path/Regained split (proCDr) (2 oi bands from Malaysia. Kamar distorsi) 2$ 

4х The Romps - s/t (punk-rock/ hc from Zhytomyr) 1,5$


1x Penguasa Anjing - kisah si anjing kurap (CDr) (Grindcore from Sabah, Malaysia. Headhunter records) 1,5$
1х TAKASHI OHKAWA/SOMA split 2010. - CDr (Netherlands / Japan, noisecore. Sodoma record) 1,5$


3x Din-Addict - Neurosexual Deformation (2014) + patch (The last and lost unreleased tracks of the Hungarian grindcore pioneers from 2005. Posthuman productions) 3$

4х Hard Charger - Chrome Lord EP cassette (d-beat hardcore punk/rock-n-roll (Anti-Cimex, Doom, ENT, Motorhead), Canada. Voice from inside tapes) 3$

1х LARRY KUBIAC: II. (power-grindcore Hungary. Symbiotic noise) 3$

4х Lebenden Toten - Near Dark tape (female-fronted noise raw hardcore punk (Disorder/Gloom/Disclose/Confuse), Portland) 3$

3х Nadimac/Crippled Fox/Slaughter in the Vatican/Noise Complaint split (2014)
(4 way split with cool bands from different genres but in the same old-school thrashy style! Nadimac (SRB): thrash, Crippled Fox (H): thrashcore, Slaughter in the Vatican (I): thrashcore, Noise Complaint (UK): hardcore. Pro-done tape packed in a tissue bag with yellow print. Posthuman productions) 3,5$

2х Necropodridal cadaveric/Sesos triturados - split tape - Canibalismo masacre!!!

3x Poena - foreign edition 2014 (recorded 2011/. sludge/crude metal from Saint-Petersburg)3$

(noisecore-grind. La musica del odio records)3$

1x UNQUIET - THIS IS DARKNESS DESCENDEND (dark hardcore/d-beat from Germany) 3$

среда, 4 июня 2014 г.



1x Agathocles - Semtext 10 EP (mincecore Belgium. Sunship records) 6$


1х CANCER SPREADING / LAST LEGION ALIVE - SPLIT CD (stenchcore, Italy/ Belgium. Total punk rec/Voice from inside rec) 4$

1x Mr. Miyagi – To The Bone, CD (2010) (hardcore punk / thrashcore from Portugal. Infected Records DIY) 3$


5х Svin Killer - This Day pro-CDr single (goregrind / brutal death metal, Ukraine. weecorn) 1,5$


1х Thalidomidum - Meltcore, CD-R (2013) (crust / metal / punk, Ukraine. ПМС Inc.) 2$


13х Bluesbreaker - Self-Titled, cassette (2014) (hardcore punk / grunge from Kyiv, Ukraine. .aorte Records) 3$

1х Ebola/Kalashnikov - split tape (Italian hardcore punk meets with grindcore) 2$

1х Getcold - s/t (powerviolence/grindcore, Kiev/Ukraine. freak friendly d.i.y.) 3$

3х Nomad - 自殺 (japanese influenced raw punk, NYC. Voice from inside)3$

1x Psykoanalyysi - Julistus EP (crust/grind Finland) 2,5$

1х Stoned Jesus / Date Rape – Split, cassette (2013) (SJ - stoner rock, DR - emo rock from Kyiv, Ukraine. .aorte Records) 3$

2x Swordwielder - Grim Visions of Battle cassette LP (stenchcore, Sweden. Voice from Inside) 3$

понедельник, 19 мая 2014 г.



2х Morsa - Demo 2012 (4 songs, mix of different styles from crust/ fast to Death metal. Pro CD-R + pro-cover with texts both in CZ and EN.) 2$


1х Bombatölcsér - Bude Klid democassette (fastcrust from Brno with female screaming, Czech rep.) 2,5$

2х Daily Life Sucks - The Last Six Minutes Of Your Life (Demo) (Grindcore in 6 minutes, debut and only demo of a now defunct trio from Hungary.) 2,5$

2х DIS-K47 - Naše Lhostejnost Jejich Bezcitnost (d-beat Czech republic) 2,5$

2х Disfuncke Mysli - demo 1 - 4 songs (D-beat from Czech rep.) 2,5$

2х Morsa - democassette (fast/ crust/ metal with female screaming, 4 songs from Brno, Czech rep.) 2,5$ 

3х V.A. - Spálená Ramena (High Purity, Totдlickers, Jack ,Psykoanalyysi, Aliusterra, Alea Iacta Est, Rivers Run Dry, Brьnner Todesmarsch, Human Error, Disfuncke Mysli, Human Humus, A.R.S.E.L, Chiens, Avenger.) 2$


3х Spálená Ramena #3 English language (32 A/5 pages, unusual format, unique hand-made DIY cover for each copy. Content: interviews with Rauha Turva (CZ), Chiens (France), Totälickers (Spain), Psykoanalyysi (Fin), Hellsound Studio (CZ), plus special interview with 4 new Brno bands (Aliusterra, Brünner Todesmarsch, Alkalmatlankodik and Machinarium). Music and fanzine reviews and concert reports.) 3$


пятница, 25 апреля 2014 г.


LP, 12”:

1х PORKERIA “la mierda de siempre” LP (HardCore punk/uk82 from south texas) 14$


1x Attac king forces - beer, blood and boots (oi!/street punk South Korea) 5$
1x beyond terror beyond grace - still human, still humane? (2007) (grindcore Australia) 3$ 
1x Desecresy - arches of entropy (2010) (old school death metal Finland) 5$
1x fire in the attic - cum grano salis (2008) (post hardcore Germany) 5$ 
1x Katalepsy - Survival Generation (2003) (Death Metal/Grindcore, Bolivia) 4$ 
1x keitzer - as the world burns (2008) (grindcore Germany) 4$
1x M.O.D. - the rebel you love to hate (2003) (crossover USA) 5$
1x president camacho - libido of the living dead (2009) (powerviolence Canada) 4$ 
1x Progress Of Inhumanity - Escalating Decay (2010) (grindcore metal deathgrind Greece) 4$ 
1x rato raro - acidethc (2010) (crust-grind Spain) 4$
4х Skruta / Foible Instinct / Forever Wasted Split, CD (2011) (oldschool grindcore / hardcore / sludge. Trismus Records) 3$
1x Svin Killer - 2011 - Drowning into the Green Mass (death metal/ grindcore/ pornogrind, Ukraine) 5$ 
1x watch me burn/spermblast - split (2004) (grindcore USA) 4$


2х ALERTA! “demo” (Punk Hardcore from Spain) 3,5$ 
2x ARREST “demo” (streetpunk/oi!from Spain) 3,5$
2х GUERRA FRIA “demo” (d-beat/raw punk) 3,5$ 
3х HEURISTIK - money power control (dbeat crust Indonesia 4 songs at 10 minutes) 3$ 
1x Humlow Of Pizza Killers - Self-Titled, cassette (2013) (acoustic punk rock from Krasnoyarsk, Russia. They Live! Records) 4$
1х I The Unlord - Demo, cassette (2011) (sludge / death metal / hardcore from Münster, Germany. Makima Records) 1,5$
1x I The Unlord - Praise the Most Dead, cassette (2012) (sludge / death metal / hardcore from Münster, Germany. Makima Records) 1,5$ 
3х JAHAT - live studio in hell (dbeat crust Indonesia 5 songs at 9 minutes) 3$
3x LIPOWSKI "Gron umarl" (apocalyptic punk from Polish mountains) 3$
2х MUERTE “demo” (death-punk/goth-rock/hardcore punk from Mexico) 3,5$
2х Nihilizzm/Kazamate (grindcore Poland/hc Italy) 3$
2х PARALYZED SOCIETY/SHUTDOWN split tape (Grind core/Power violence Holland/Usa. Grind father prod./Extreme terror prod./Rotten gorol/Dropout records) 3$ 
2х POWERCUP/TAKASHI OHKAWA - Split Tape (grindcore from Canada/harsh noise from Amsterdam. Grind father prod./Extreme terror prod./Rotten gorol.) 3$
2х SIEGA “demo” (crust punk from Spain) 3,5$
3х The Truth - Voices from Past (oldschool hc from Serbia and Croatia.) 3$ 
1x Сирены Титана - Северный Дискомфорт, cassette (2013) (sludge / stoner metal from Kirov, Russia. Makima Records) 1,5$

2х DROP OUT Zine #3 / CRITICAL SITUATION #7 (Spring / Summer 2007) (А4/eng/b-w/72p.) 3$ 
1х VOICE FROM INSIDE  № 4. (2014/64p./English!/B-W) (Amebix, See you in hell, Cancer spreading, Bonehunter, Nuclear Devastation, Repression attack, Iskra, Meinhof, Suffering mind.) 3$