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2х Morsa - Demo 2012 (4 songs, mix of different styles from crust/ fast to Death metal. Pro CD-R + pro-cover with texts both in CZ and EN.) 2$


1х Bombatölcsér - Bude Klid democassette (fastcrust from Brno with female screaming, Czech rep.) 2,5$

2х Daily Life Sucks - The Last Six Minutes Of Your Life (Demo) (Grindcore in 6 minutes, debut and only demo of a now defunct trio from Hungary.) 2,5$

2х DIS-K47 - Naše Lhostejnost Jejich Bezcitnost (d-beat Czech republic) 2,5$

2х Disfuncke Mysli - demo 1 - 4 songs (D-beat from Czech rep.) 2,5$

2х Morsa - democassette (fast/ crust/ metal with female screaming, 4 songs from Brno, Czech rep.) 2,5$ 

3х V.A. - Spálená Ramena (High Purity, Totдlickers, Jack ,Psykoanalyysi, Aliusterra, Alea Iacta Est, Rivers Run Dry, Brьnner Todesmarsch, Human Error, Disfuncke Mysli, Human Humus, A.R.S.E.L, Chiens, Avenger.) 2$


3х Spálená Ramena #3 English language (32 A/5 pages, unusual format, unique hand-made DIY cover for each copy. Content: interviews with Rauha Turva (CZ), Chiens (France), Totälickers (Spain), Psykoanalyysi (Fin), Hellsound Studio (CZ), plus special interview with 4 new Brno bands (Aliusterra, Brünner Todesmarsch, Alkalmatlankodik and Machinarium). Music and fanzine reviews and concert reports.) 3$


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