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1x KNARK - s/t LP (Debut album from these swedish monsters. Incl. Makabert Fynd and Society´s Decline members. Mangel Wax) 10$

1х SUFFER THE PAIN - Midnight Sacrifice LP (black vinyl) (Death metal tornado inspired by Entombed, Hellhammer or Venom driven by crusty filth alá classic scandinavian hardcore like Anti Cimex or Crude SS. Ladies and gentlemen - debut album from swedish monsters SUFFER THE PAIN is out !! Phobia Records) 10$

1x SVAVELDIOXID - Ändlös Mardröm LP purple vinil (Relentless d-beat käng in the classic Swedish tradition. Mix Anti-Cimex, Dischange, Bombanfall, No Security and Svart Parad and you get SVAVELDIOXID! Featuring members previously heard in bands like Warvictims, Disfear, Operation and 3-Way Cum. Phobia Records) 12$


1х FEAR OF EXTINCTION / MAKABERT FYND split EP (New recordings from Prague´s d-beat / crust Fear Of Extinction and swedish wolfpack Makabert Fynd with Totalitär, Dissekerad or Knark members. Phobia Records) 5$

2х F.U.K. - Bad Drug Competition EP (Great UK punk with Chaos UK members!!! Gasmask Records) 5$

2х HOW LONG? / SLAVERY split EP (Silesia crust hell, czech punk scene veterans HOW LONG? vs. young d-beat / punk blood SLAVERY. Hellish connection and hellish recordings !!! Phobia Records) 5$

1х MALCONTENT - A Conclave Of Connivers EP (What happened when guys from bands like Avskum, Dissekerad, The Nature and Hellkontroll join the forces? MALCONTENT! Stockholm, Sweden. Raw and angry käng in scandinavian hardcore tradition like Totalitär or Anti Cimex. Debut seveinch out now on Phobia Records! Only 200 pressed, first come first served. Phobia Records) 5$

2х P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. - I hate TV / Oops ... EP (Two brand new hymns from PDX punkrockers. Very very great riffs. woow!! This is punkrock as hardcore with southern rock influence. For fans the CANDY SNATCHERS, Poison Idea, Motorhead or THE NEW BOMB TURKS... Gasmask Records) 5$

1x TOTAL WAR - 8 Track Demo EP (Total War is a d-beat band from Vancouver, B.C., Canada. They play raw, straight forward and in the faced-paced tradition of early Scandinavian d-beat / hardcore, like Anti-Cimex, Crude S.S., Disarm, Shitlickers, Mob 47, No Security, Totalitär, etc. Catchy, yet a violent kick in the face. Gasmask Records) 5$

2x WAARFACE - Accepted As Truth EP (Brutal d-beat / crust from Austin, TX. After their split 7"EP with Kronisk Misantropi they are back with bradn new recordings in the vein of old good bands like Skitsystem / early World Burns To Death. Again only 200 pressed, first come first served. Phobia Records) 5$

1х 4 way split - The Κοπρόσκυλα / Ugly Shadows / Kavala SS / Toxic Minds – Fuck The Legion, Fuck The Lyrics, Fuck The Lot Of View! Vol.2 (Punk/Post punk. Stand Against Vivisection Records) 4$

2x Mellakka – R.I.P Recordings 1984-1986 (Finnish hardcore punk band. Stand Against Vivisection Records) 4$

2х Πανδημία – Mοντέρνα Πανούκλα (Post punk from Greece. Stand Against Vivisection Records) 4$

2x Πανδημία / Era Of Fear – Πανδημία / Era Of Fear (Punk, Post-Punk from Greece. Stand Against Vivisection Records) 4$

7x DISORDER 'Live in SNEEK 2014' Pro Cassette ( w/sticker ) (Bristol king of Punk is back! , 90 minutes professional cassette live in Sneek, DE Het Boelwerk, Poppodium, Holland 2014. All tracks originally mastering and self arrangement by Taf. Nice cut and paste artwork done by A'i Warcloud. Total Chaos and Disorder! Black Konflik) 5$

4x Split Viens "S/T" - Cassette Tapes (Debut album members of NAILBITER picking up where they left their previous band. 8 Distorted hardcore punk tracks with lots of delay which takes BOTH the golden era of Japanese and Sweden hardcore as template. One of the best London releases in a long time. Sickhead records) 4$

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